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The Influence of Cybercriminal Activities to the Human Society

Cybercrime has raised exponentially in conjunction with the installation and widespread use of photoelectric medium. As the technological progresses take shape, so do the wholes of evolution of cybercrime. This implies that new forms of cybercrime are arising to counter the new technological novelties, which has surpassed to an increased concern in all endeavor of […]

Recent Investigation on Curved Circular Plates with Micropolar Fluids

The active characteristics.of squeeze film. lubricated on bent circular plates with micropolar .fluid is analysed. The generalised Reynold’s equating governing .squeeze film pressure, load winning capacity and squeeze film occasion are derived. The present reasoning deals with traits of squeezed film middle from two points two curved circular plates lubricated accompanying micropolar fluid. The results […]

Classification and Contour Detection of Brain Tumors on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Images Using Machine Learning Algorithms with Convolutional Neural Network and Computer Vision Methods

The objective concerning this study is to improve the veracity of brain cyst diagnosis and segmentation, accompanying the aim of aiding physicians in labeling specific brain tumors. Brain tumors are complete neoplasms within the brain. These tumors are caused by uncontrolled progress of abnormal containers. Classification of brain tumors is divided established the location of […]

Coupled Fixed Point Theorems for Two Maps in Complex Valued Gb- Metric Spaces

In this study, we delimit coupled fixed point for a plan in complex valued Gb rhythmical space, prove any coupled fixed point theorems in this place space, and present an illustration to illustrate our main axiom. Fixed point theory has great significance in science and mathematics. Since this extent has been grown very fast over […]

Encryption and Decryption Process of RGB Colour Image Using by Matrix Method

In this research work, we intend a new technique for RGB colour figure encryption based on change matrix. The colour representation is encrypted into Red, Green and Blue channels place each channel uses a double permutation key method for assigning a new colour to all pixel of RGB colour figure. Each channel is encrypted with […]

Extended Exponential and Extorial Type Solutions of Differential and Difference Equations

This division introduces statement exponential and extorial functions appeared from exponential and extorial functions. These two types of functions are distinguished types of continuous and discrete energetic geometric functions. These functions are used to arrive find resolutions of higher order characteristic and difference equatings. The results are supported by appropriate instances. Author(s) Details: T. Sathinathan, […]

The Concept of Sg-continuity in Topological Ordered Spaces

In a topological opportunity, the semi statement terminated set was initially developed by P. Bhattacharya and B.K. Lahiri in [1]. A subset of a topological scope (X, τ) is a almost generalised closed (sg-done) set if scl(A) ⊆ U whenever A ⊆ U and U is wheeled vehicle for hauling-open in (X, τ). The desire […]

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