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Public Finance and Taxation in Kenya: Tools and Theories at the Service of Citizens

Public finance is an economic activity in which financial resources are used to meet public policy objectives. To maximise its citizens’ social, political, and economic welfare, the government raises revenue and spends it on public goods and services. Apart from ensuring price stability, public finance plays a critical role in supporting economic growth in emerging […]

Myth-history: Yellow Emperor and Jade Worship in The Classic of Mountains and Seas

This paper aims to elucidate the genetic mechanism of Chinese jade worship that arose in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, unveil the underlying historical truth of jade origination and transportation, and investigate the significance of white jade in shaping national ideology and material production by focusing on the mythical narrative of the Yellow Emperor eating […]

The Impacts of the Logic of English Approach on the Enhancement of EFL Saudi Students’ Reading Comprehension

The lack of English literacy in public schools, as well as the nature of the English language, which differs from the students’ first language, has a negative impact on students’ reading comprehension performance at the foundation level at Taibah University’s El Ula Branch. The goal of this study was to see how the Logic of […]

Building Evaluation Capacity for Sustainable Learning: A Conceptual Perspective

 The development of evaluation ability is thought to be positively related to organisational learning, according to one theory. This learning is equitable as a result of assessment capacity efforts only if the efforts are accompanied by visible and long-term evaluation skills and attitudes. Despite the large number of empirical studies on the subject, there is […]

Designing ESP Materials for Student Nurses Based on Needs Analysis: A Developmental Study

 Despite the fact that there is a substantial demand for English ESP for nurses, only a few academics are interested in investigating the development of nursing English ESP materials that are contextually appropriate to nurses’ practical needs. The process of selecting, customising, and assessing teaching materials based on specific terms of reference is known as […]

An Investigation into the State and use of ICTs by academic Staff a Case of the Copperbelt University in Zambia

 In educational institutions all throughout the world, ICTs are used in administrative, teaching, and learning activities. Despite several management and government interventions to encourage the use of ICTs in teaching and learning activities in higher education institutions, research show that academics’ adoption and use of ICTs to deliver their teaching remains low. However, due to […]

Teachers’ Professional Development, Teachers’quality and Students’ Academic Achivements in the Public-Private Partnership Schools

 PPPs have proven to be a viable tool for providing public services and building society in both developed and developing countries, and they have been implemented in a number of countries throughout the world, including Senegal, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. PPP agreements have allowed these countries to construct massive infrastructure and […]

Evaluating the Perception of Ventilation for Thermal Comfort in Senate Buildings in Nigeria Universities: A Case Study

 This Study looks at the subjective feelings of the occupants of the Senate Buildings in selected Universities in order ameliorate the effect of thermal discomfort for the occupants. One of the most important factors in office building ventilation is window condition. The study’s goal was to assess natural ventilation in Senate buildings at selected universities […]

Validation and Development of a Moroccan School Quality Evaluation System: A Recent Study

 Education systems’ priorities are currently focused on evaluation. It has an impact on teachers, schools, training, management, educational policy, and design, in addition to learning. There is a need in this sector, notably in teaching and education, where research in Morocco is extremely limited. When evaluating a school with multiple practises and actors, the concept […]

Study on Difficulty-Level Classification for English Writings

 This study extracts eleven types of attributes from English text data in order to classify English text by learning and categorization level of difficulty. Text is submitted to machine learning and categorization using the “leave-one-out cross-validation” method. E-books have recently become more popular. The process of manually categorising all of the e-books takes a long […]

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