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Application of Cleaner Technologies in the Treatment of Leachate and the Prevention of Surface and Groundwater Pollution in the Environment

In the northern Kosovo region, direct discharge of urban and industrial waste waters, as well as leachate (originating from unlawful landfills) into receivers without previous filtration, is unfortunately quite frequent. Furthermore, reckless and inappropriate site selection for industrial and municipal landfills, which are frequently located near or on the river’s edge, contributes greatly to pollution. […]

Determining the Techniques of Surveying and Cadastral Mapping in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the measuring of cadastral maps, which is used for land administration, is currently very essential. In the past, cadastral maps in Vietnam were generally measured manually using an optical theodolite, and then the map was created on paper. Many technology applications are now employed in Vietnam to measure cadastral maps, thanks to the […]

Determination of Arable Weed Patterns according to Temperature and Latitude Gradient in Central and Southern Spain

Background: The success of crops in agro-ecosystems is closely linked to the landscape’s biodiversity. In the context of climate change, it’s critical to understand how weed species respond to environmental variation through their dispersal. Biodiversity has been influenced by a variety of pressures associated to climate change throughout the last century. We hypothesise that species […]

Assessment of Carbon Sequestration Potential of Urban Green Spaces (PMC Gardens) in Pune City, India

The goal of this study is to determine the carbon sequestration potential of trees in Pune’s urban green spaces. The methods given by Ravindranath and Ostwald for assessing above and belowground biomass and estimating the carbon pool were employed in this study. Soil samples were collected using a random sampling technique. Because the study area […]

Extreme Surface Ozone Concentrations in the Kirov Region of the Russian Federation during Summer Heat Waves of 2010 and 2016

The goal of this study was to compare peak values of surface ozone content recorded at the Vyatskiye Polyany monitoring station during summer heat waves in 2010 and 2016, when wavy and abnormally high air temperatures were seen for an extended period of time. The results of the data analysis from the continuous monitoring system […]

Estimation of Ground-level Ozone as a Risk Factor for Crop Production in Central Regions of the Russian Federation

In the territory of central Russia, surface ozone is considered a risk factor for crop productivity. The known processes of ozone’s effect on plants are discussed, as well as the quantities of ozone in the surface atmosphere that are harmful to various plant groups. The results of long-term ground-level ozone monitoring in central Russia (Vyatskiye […]

Investigation on Environmental Alpha Radioactivity around Jaduguda Uranium Mine – An Experimental Study along Subarnarekha River

The mining effect is projected to raise the level of radioactivity in the environmental matrices near mine sites. The presence of a river near the mine regions increases the risk of the elevated level of radioactive contamination spreading far into the surrounding areas. Our earlier research has shown that the effect of the Jaduguda uranium […]

Study about Dinosaurs – Mystery of Growth and Extinction Correction, Mystery of Growth and Extinction of Dinosaurs

It has long been assumed that the mass extinction of dinosaurs — a difficult geological problem – occurred as a result of the impact of a massive stone on the earth, as proposed by the Alvarez father and son team in 1980. Despite these objections, Alvarez and Alvarez’s viewpoint has received widespread acceptance from geologists, […]

Determining the Application of Nanomaterials to Environmental Remediation

Nanomaterials are extremely tiny, measuring 100nm or less in size. They have qualities that differ from the parent compound’s original attributes due to their small size. They have a high reactivity and adsorption capability, making them suitable for environmental remediation. The goal of this study is to figure out how nanomaterials can be used to […]

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