Study on Advanced Mechanisms for Detection of Malware Family Attacks in Computer Networks

In current period, one of the fastest growing areas of research is computer networks. For all types of networks, including wired and wireless network communications, security is a must. There is a vast range of viruses and assaults that target network vulnerabilities. We concentrated on malware in this study because it is the most vulnerable […]

Studies on RF Energy Harvesting for Low Power Devices

According to recent studies, wi-fi charging is possible with the use of an RF (radio frequency) signal that sends the intensity across the air to charge digital devices. Wireless charging is a superior and more convenient alternative to the standard charging technology.accompanied by a decrease in interatomic distances Rij in structure units. This is an […]

Study of Paraffins in Petroleum Oils by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry

Paraffins in Romashkino deposit oils (Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation) and oils from the асн-о deposit were examined using the pulse nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry (NMRR) method (Vietnam). Romashkino oils, in which paraffin was dissolved, were utilised as study samples. Isoparaffin i-C22H46 was utilised (docozan). NMR relaxometer NMR-NP2 on resonance frequency o = 18,45 MHz […]

Aerobic Brickbat Grit Sand (ABGS) Purifier: The New Technology for Treatment of Wastewater in Rural India

In emerging and underdeveloped countries, rural wastewater treatment is largely disregarded. The most significant impediment to resolving this issue is the high expense of treatment and the lack of readily available technologies. There are four phases to the Aerobic Brickbat Grit Sand (ABGS) purifier. Wastewater travels in a zigzag pattern via partition walls with brick […]

An Investigative Approach to Enhance the Sensor Node Life by Mitigating the Recovery Effect of the Battery

Recent advancements in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have resulted in a wide range of applications in a variety of fields, and it is not an exaggeration to argue that no field has been left unaffected by sensors. Agriculture, defence, medical, disaster and relief management, vehicle traffic monitoring, animal monitoring in forests, and […]

Study on the Investigation on Design and Finite Element Analysis of a Compliant Clutch Fork Using Topology Optimization

The focus of active research is on compliant mechanisms and systems. It refers to a single elastic continuum that is utilised to mechanically transfer motion and force. Their adaptability and consistency are significant. The study’s major goal is to use topology optimization to investigate the development of the Compliant Mechanism idea on automobile compliant design. […]

Study of Controlled Release of Ibuprofen Using Mg Al LDH Nano Carrier

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines) such as ibuprofen were intercalated in-situ into the interlayer gap of Mg Al LDH nanoparticles during the co-precipitation of hydroxides in the current study. LDHs are made up of a water molecule and a positive charge compensating and exchangeable anion. XRD, FTIR, and UV spectroscopy were used to characterise LDH nanohybrids. […]

Review of Achievements of E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute in Development of Equipment for Electron Beam Welding

Over the last two decades, the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute has designed and manufactured a large number of “general-purpose” machines for EBW, which are used to weld a variety of goods made of various materials. According to the welding chamber volume and hence the probable sizes of welded products, all of these machines can […]

Awareness, Attitudes and Perception of Green Building Practices and Principles in the Zambian Construction Industry: A Qualitative Descriptive Cross Sectional Study

Green building technology must be understood by construction industry professionals if they want to help lessen the negative effects of construction on the environment. The information has been disseminated through green construction demonstration projects to both practitioners and communities. Various tactics have been employed to spread green building technologies, however there is little evidence that […]

Delta-Sigma A/D Converters in the Applications of Metrological Versus Acoustic Systems

Delta-Sigma A/D converters are currently frequently utilised in digital acoustic systems to record sounds and music. Such converters can be used to convert analogue voltage signals to digital signals in measurement systems. However, the quality requirements for converters used in measuring systems (accuracy) and acoustic systems (S/N ratio) are distinctly distinct. The goal of this […]