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Latest News on Mathematics Classrooms : Feb 2022

Modelling in Mathematics Classrooms: reflections on past developments and the future This paper describes the development of mathematical modelling as an element in school mathematics curricula and assessments. After an account of what has been achieved over the last forty years, illustrated by the experiences of two mathematician-modellers who were involved, I discuss the implications […]

Latest News on Physics Students : Feb 2022

Helping physics students learn how to learn Students’ “epistemological” beliefs—their views about the nature of knowledge and learning—affect how they approach physics courses. For instance, a student who believes physics knowledge to consist primarily of disconnected facts and formulas will study differently from a student who views physics as an interconnected web of concepts. Unfortunately, […]

Latest News on Students’ Attitude : Feb 2022

STUDENTS’ ATTITUDE TOWARDS MATHEMATICS Students’ success in mathematics depends upon attitude towards mathematics. It also influences the participation rate of learners. This study was based on a survey of high school students about their attitudes towards mathematics. Students of both the gender constitute the population of this study. Sample of the study was 685 students […]

The Effect of Instructions for Teachers’ Practices to Promote Cooperative Learning in EFL Classrooms

The study’s goal is to investigate the effect of instructions on promoting cooperative learning (CL) in an EFL classroom. The goal of this study is to investigate teachers’ behaviors and perceptions while implementing procedures and instructions to encourage CL in their classroom instruction. The study included nine teachers in total. The following mixed methods were […]

The Relationship between Learning Method of Prophetic Character Education with Student Achievement Learning Outcomes in Vocational Education in Indonesia

The purpose of this study is to clarify the relationship between prophetic character education learning methods and student achievement in the field of character education in schools. This study employs a quantitative approach, as well as a statistical formula called Product Moment. In this study, data was gathered through observations, questionnaires, and documentation. In practice, […]

An Assessment of Incorporating Online Learning in Higher Education

In educational settings, learning and teaching have traditionally been viewed as a direct interpersonal classroom activity. As a result of technological advancements, new forms of teaching and evaluation have emerged, and they have gradually become a more prevalent aspect of education. With the advancement of information technology in general, and the Internet and online technologies […]

Implementation of the Inter-Agency Collaboration in Vocational Education of Students with Learning Disabilities towards Preparation of Career Experience: A Qualitative Approach

Inter-agency collaboration is essential for the advancement of technical education services for students with special needs, including those with learning disabilities. An inter-agency partnership is a group of teachers, guardians, school representatives, and representatives from other organizations who collaborate to carry out, coordinate, and create programs for students. However, inter-agency collaboration with schools has remained […]

Study on Domesticating Vigilantism in Ghana’s Fourth Republic: The Challenge Ahead

Political party vigilantism has been on the rise in Ghana since the country’s return to constitutional rule in 1993. The impact of vigilante groups’ violent activities in Ghana cannot be separated from elections. Their activities have typically taken place during and after elections throughout the country. Acts of violence have marred by-elections in Atiwa, Akwatia, […]

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