How to Train Graduate Students to be Effective Peer Reviewers

It’s been a long time since researchers looked at how to teach students to be competent peer reviewers, and they discovered that doing so in writing classes is useful. Few studies, however, have been performed to prepare graduate students to be competent peer reviewers. The goal of this research is to close that gap in […]

Materials for Human Space Flight I: Book of Abstracts

With the public’s and scientific community’s continuous interest in space exploration and travel, from microgravity to interplanetary missions, the demand for materials and techniques to make it happen has skyrocketed. Though technology exists to enable the delivery of equipment and tooling (payload) to low to high earth orbits, when it comes to sending humans to […]

Language Recognition System: An Application Based Study with Special Reference to Sociolinguistics and Computational Linguistics

The study proposes a framework that can combine various types of selected words into a single vision-based platform. Not only are these sign languages used to communicate with the deaf and dumb, but they are also used to share thoughts with people who can hear but cannot speak. The majority of researchers work on sign […]

Noise Mapping as a Tool to Assess the Noise Generated in the Past, in the Present and in the Future of a Large Latin American City

Via in situ measurements and sound mapping, this project aimed to investigate the environmental sound effect of road traffic noise on several roads in the northwest part of Curitiba. The following steps were taken to accomplish this: 1) defining the locations to be assessed, 2) gathering field data, 3) tabulating the data, 4) acoustic mapping, […]

Proactive Control Models for Input Reagents Consumption Management at Gold Processing Plant. Case Study: Ghanaian Mine, Tarkwa

This case study shows how, in today’s market climate, taking a constructive approach to addressing reagent input supply problems at the Process Plant of the Ghanaian Mine, Tarkwa, is the secret to maintaining higher efficiency and competitive advantage. In practise, the cases examined revealed the presence of reagent control models used at the Tarkwa Mine […]

Student and School Performance Indicators as Determinants of Student Midwives’ Performance in Anatomy and Physiology: A Path Analytic Study

The aim of this chapter is to develop and test a seven-variable model for explaining student midwives’ achievement in Anatomy and Physiology in terms of student performance indicators such as entry qualifications, academic self-concept, and academic support seeking, as well as school performance indicators such as teacher quality, school type, and teacher-student ratio. Women with […]

Study on Evidence Based Social Sciences: A New Emerging Field

Evidence-based social sciences is one of the most cutting-edge areas of this discipline. It makes decisions using the best available facts from different sources in a careful, explicit, and judicious manner. It may also be conducive to evidence-based social work, or at least a form of evidence-based practise. The research findings in this recent emerging […]

Study on Gender Inequality Vis-À-Vis Culture and the Role of Women in Socio-economic Development

Gender disparity is a common characteristic of social interactions in most communities, and it is linked to poverty, crime, the labour market, health, housing, and education. Gender inequality is inextricably related to information construction and distribution, and it plays a role in structuring existence and reproduction ties. Women’s social subordination is created and reproduced by […]

Study on Social Benefits of Secondary School Farms in Rivers State, Nigeria

The aim of this study was to assess the social benefits of school farms in Rivers State, Nigeria’s secondary schools. In Nigerian secondary schools, agriculture has been recognised as a core curriculum subject. With a total of 560 questionnaires distributed to teachers and students, the study used two research questions and a basic random sampling […]

Chinese Thoughts on the North and South Korean Unification

The major factors influencing the Chinese people’s thoughts on the issue of unification between the two Koreas are well-established historical ties between China and the Korean peninsula, strong geopolitical relations, and the Korean peninsula with Sino-US engagement pressures, and the division of the Korean peninsula is making Chinese diplomacy difficult. Some Chinese citizens are opposed […]