A Study on the Influence of Travel Motivation, Information Sources and Tourism Crisis on Tourists’ Destination Image

The goal of this study is to create a theoretical model of destination image based on visitors’ trip motive, information, and crisis perception. The purpose of this study is to help destination marketers establish a competitive position by evaluating tourists’ travel motivation, knowledge, and crisis perception, which is critical to the development of travellers’ perceptions […]

Change in Bank Equity Stakes before Merger Completion: An Advance Study

The association between changes in institutional financial/investment professionals’ shareholdings and firm-specific characteristics of the acquiring companies prior to merger completion is investigated in this study. As a result, the current research helps to uncover the elements that influence acquiring firms’ investment decisions. To test the popular agency and signalling hypotheses, total and average changes in […]

Effects of Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation Upon Quality of Audit: The Perception of Audit Firm in Bahrain

The number of years a public accounting firm can audit a company’s financial statements is limited by mandatory audit firm rotation. An accounting firm is no longer eligible to act as the company’s auditor for a specific time interval after a predetermined period, and a rotation of companies is required. The study’s goals are to: […]

Analyzing the Milk Consumption and Supply of Ulaanbaatar City

Ulaanbaatar (UB) is Mongolia’s capital and largest city, as well as its fastest expanding. Those who reside in metropolitan regions, notably in UB city, require the largest milk consumption. Domestic liquid milk production is now insufficient to meet the needs of the capital city and other important cities. The purpose of this study is to […]

Economic Development and Small Businesses in Japan\(^1\)

Because of World War II, Japan’s economy lost the majority of its industrial production force. Japan, on the other hand, saw fast economic expansion from 1955 onwards, eventually joining the group of the world’s most developed countries in the early 1970s. From 1955 through the early 1970s, the United States experienced a period of rapid […]

Feature Extraction of English Books on Tourism Using Data Mining

According to the White Paper on Tourism for 2020, 20.08 million Japanese individuals travelled overseas before the start of COVID-19, while 31.88 million foreigners visited Japan for sightseeing in 2019. It may be stated that it was a sightseeing period. Tourism expertise has become increasingly crucial, and reading resources in English has become essential. Several […]

The U. S. Men’s Shaving Gel Market: A Competitive Profile\(^1\)

Men’s Shaving Gel, Beer, Shampoo, Shredded/Grated Cheese, Refrigerated Orange Juice, Men’s Razor-Blades, Women’s Razor-Blades, Toothpaste, Canned Soup, Coffee, Potato Chips, and Alkaline AA Battery are among the twelve studies that have attempted to analyse the competitive profile of US consumer markets. Porter associates a large market share with a cost leadership strategy, which is based […]

Study on Naturalization: The Case for Constitutional Reform to Extend Citizenship to Immigrant in Liberia

By analysing survey, remittance, and naturalisation data collected by Afrobarometer (Round 5 and 6 Surveys), USD Explorer, 2015 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, and TLC Africa from 2011 to 2015, this study examines critical elements of extending citizenship to entrepreneurial minority groups (Lebanese, Mandingos, Indians, Nigerians, and Westerners) and Liberian dual citizens in Liberia. This is […]

Management & Control of Economic Power

Economic power is defined by Business Directory as “Conditions of having sufficient productive resources at command that give the capacity to make and enforce economic decisions, such as resource allocation and apportioning of goods and services.” This qualitative definition may suffice for general discussions, but it lacks quantitative management and control measurements. Is there a […]

Advanced Study on Gender Based Utilization of Microfinance: An Empirical Evidence from District Quetta, Pakistan

During the year 2011, this study looked at the influence of microfinance on the gender-based income-generating activities of Khushhalli Bank Ltd clients in the Quetta urban zone. The primary data was acquired from 80 clients (60 beneficiaries and 20 non-beneficiaries) using a structured questionnaire and a cross-sectional experimental methodology. T-tests were used to assess the […]