Preliminary Risk Assessment Posed by Formaldehyde Residues in Clothing to Vietnamese Consumers: Critical Observation

The assessment of potential health risks posed by formaldehyde in clothing to consumers is of increasing concern worldwide. Because of this, it is necessary to develop an exposure model that can realistically mimic clothes wearing conditions. This study aims to preliminarily develop a health risk assessment model for formaldehyde in clothing, and then to assess […]

A Lava Bomb Just Hit A Tourist Boat In Hawaii

Although still engaging in some curious volcanological behavior, Kilauea’s not making international headlines anymore, partly because its eruption has somewhat settled into a consistent pattern. Scratch that: Yesterday, a lava bomb – reportedly the size of a basketball, and one of several – careened into a tour boat visiting one of the lava ocean entry points yesterday, […]


Phaeodarians play a major role in marine nutrient cycle. Every schoolchild knows that drifting plankton make excellent fodder for whales, but these tiny, rudderless microorganisms do more than sustain the entire marine food web. They also transport chemical compounds such as silica, an essential ocean nutrient that makes up the intricate glass skeletons of unicellular plankton […]

Journalists May Have Uncovered Who Is Emitting Banned Chemicals Into The Ozone Layer

Along with a group of independent investigators, The New York Times believes they may have pinpointed who in the world continues to produce an outlawed chemical responsible for creating the hole in Earth’s ozone layer. In May, scientists of a study published in Nature found one of modern history’s most unexpected global pollution mysteries: a surprise rise in emissions […]

Flat-Earthers Explain Why We Don’t Fall Off the Edge of Our Planet, and It Involves Pac-Man

More than 200 flat-Earth enthusiasts descended on West Midlands, England, this past weekend to “engage freely in deep and meaningful discussions,” according to the Flat Earth Convention UK. The Earth’s glorious globular-ness was proved more than 2,000 years ago by the ancient Greeks, but there’s a small subset of people who think the planet is a disk […]

Astronomers Detect Hydrogen Sulfide in Uranus’ Upper Atmosphere

Astronomers using the Gemini North Telescope on Hawaii’s Maunakea have detected hydrogen sulfide, the gas that gives rotten eggs their distinctive odor, in Uranus’ cloud tops. The discovery is described in a paper published in the journal Nature Astronomy. Scientists have long debated the composition of Uranus’ clouds and whether hydrogen sulfide or ammonia dominates the cloud deck, […]

Earth’s Water was Present before Moon-Forming Impact, Research Shows

The high-energy impact about 100 million years after our Solar System formed, resulted in the two colliding planetary objects completely merging to create the Earth-Moon system we have now. An international research team led by an Open University scientist has discovered that most of Earth’s water was present before the catastrophic impact and not delivered […]

A Huge 10% of Antarctica’s Coastal Glaciers Are Retreating, And Scientists Are Alarmed

Antarctica’s ocean-front glaciers are retreating, according to a new satellite survey that raises additional concerns about the massive continent’s potential contribution to rising sea levels. Antarctica, which contains enough ice to raise the oceans by about 200 feet (60 meters), is a continent of ice that flows outward to the ocean at numerous large glaciers. […]

How the Moon Formed Inside a Vaporized Earth Synestia

new explanation for the moon’s origin has it forming inside the Earth when our planet was a seething, spinning cloud of vaporized rock, called a synestia. The new model led by researchers at the University of California, Davis, and Harvard University resolves several problems in lunar formation and is published Feb. 28 in the Journal of Geophysical […]