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Amalgamating Weather-related Indigenous Knowledge into Modern Forecasting Knowledge Adopted by Farmers on Climate Prediction

Extreme environment change makes farming harder, particularly in developing countries, and growers use traditional and scientific forecasts to elect what to do in their agriculture commerces. This work aims to outline farmers’ weather forecasting information systems for environment prediction. In addition, the incorporation of native knowledge into modern weather science methods used for land planning […]

News Update on Earth’s Surface: May 21

[1] Changes in ultraviolet-radiation reaching the earths surface The quality and quantity of UV measurements have increased greatly in the last few years. Variations among measurements from different instruments are diminishing toward the 5% level. Long-term trend detection is still a problem, with little historical data available for baseline estimations. Enhanced UV levels are clearly […]

Removal, Separation and Recovery of Fe(III) and Cr Ions from Cr(VI) Plating Wastewater Containing Fe Using Persimmon Tannin Gel and Immobilized Arthrobacter nicotianae Cells

The Cr removal capability of persimmon tannin gel from the aqueous solution of Cr(VI) was first examined. Cr / g-dry persimmon gel 307 and 76 mg were adsorbed as Cr(VI) on the gel and decreased to Cr(III) in the solution , respectively. Cr(VI) was selectively adsorbed using persimmon gel from a solution (pH2) containing 7 […]

Organisational Sustainability: A Literature Review

In order to understand different concepts related to organisational sustainability and its development, this study aims to review the current literature on organisational sustainability. The investigator has reviewed more than one hundred and fifty peer-reviewed journal articles relating to organisational sustainability published between 1987 and 2020 to achieve these goals. The literature review results indicated […]

Discussing a Case Study of Air Quality Index in Industrial Areas of Bangalore City, India

The ambient air quality survey with respect to SPM, SO2 and NOx was carried out at 12 monitoring stations. For the measurement of the Air Quality Index, pollutant concentrations were used. It is noted that the allowable values are violated by most of the expected pollutants. The high pollution load in the ambient air of […]

Reporting a Case Study on the Effect of Air Pollution on Human Health in Industrial Areas

Due to urban development and increasing industrialization, air pollution has become a major problem in some Latin American and Caribbean countries in the last few years. In addition to manufacturing activities that are mostly concentrated in cities, the main sources of air pollution are automobile emissions and stationary fuel combustion. In selected industrial areas in […]

Investigating the Tillage, Desmodium intortum, Fertilizer Rates for Carbon Stock, Soil Quality andGrain Yield in Northern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria

Nigeria ‘s Northern Guinea Savanna soils are continually and intensively cultivated, resulting in deterioration of soil quality, depletion of carbon reserves, increased soil erosion and depletion of soil nutrients. Concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable crop production, the effects of land use change on soil carbon stocks (SOC) are of concern, as […]

Assessment of Trends and Variability of Rainfall for the Shillong City of Meghalaya, India

The purpose of this study is to examine and evaluate the patterns and variability of rainfall in Shillong and its surrounding areas, located in the Meghalaya hills of north-east India, which is geographically a neighbouring region to the wettest sections of the Earth, i.e. Cherrapunji and Mawsynram. Due to its geo-ecological fragility, strategic location vis-à […]

Evaluating the Effects of Synthesis Methods on the Catalytic Activity of Platinum and Osmium Supported on Titania for Carbon Monoxide Oxidation

Titania (Pt / TiO2, Os / TiO2) catalyst materials assisted by platinum and osmium were synthesised by solid solid (SSI), sol-gel (SGI) and incipient wetness impregnation (IWI) techniques. X-ray diffraction (XRD), SEM, Raman spectroscopy, surface area analysis (BET), and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy were used to characterise the catalysts. X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering ex-situ […]

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