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Telemedicine: Basics, Utilization and Challenges during Covid Pandemic

Telemedicine is the use of photoelectric data to communicate knowledge for the purpose of sustaining healthcare when material distance separates users. In this review item, we talked historical outlooks, telemedicine system ideas, telemedicine center infrastructure, role in differing spheres, types of Telemedicine Technology, applications honestly Health, current Initiatives and perspectives of a person trained in […]

Personal Hygiene in Public and Private Schools in an Urban Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria: A Comparative Study

This study is made necessary by the need to see the state of the personal clean practices of school pupils as well as tangible hygiene environments and to compare this rank between the public and private schools, to create evidence-based pieces of advice on how to advance further or strengthen school-based energy program in the […]

Inclusion of Health Care Forensics in Medical Education: Ethical, Legal and Educational Challenges in Identifying and Providing Patient-Centered Care for Victims of Child Abuse, Neglect and Human Trafficking

The predominance of child abuse and human bartering in human existence has happen in various forms for many a period of time and now appears expected approaching epidemic portions in many societies where borders are uncertain and enforcement money are inadequate. The emergence of toddler abuse and human trafficking in their various forms is a […]

Term Prelabour Rupture of Membranes and its Clinical Implications on Mother and Fetus

The study attended was undertaken to assess labour effects in the patients accepted during term gestation, preliminary trained for prelabour rupture of membrane and mixed maternal and fetal effects during labour and post-delivery.Cases of impulsive rupture of membranes with a thing pregnancy with gestational age >37 weeks accompanying confirmed PROM by a speculum test were […]

Hip Muscle Strength and Functional Deficits in Patients with Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head and Hip Replacement

Avascular fatality (AVN) of femoral head causes pain, joint stiffness, muscle destroying and physical disability, when in fact hip replacement, usually done for AVN reduces pain, improves maneuverability, strength and physical function. This study proposed to assess the substance and functional deficits on account of AVN preoperatively and postoperatively after hip substitute.This was an observational […]

Prosthetic and Surgical Considerations with Implants Supported Crowns in the Molar Region

Missing mandibular molars are disputing for rehabilitation with dentures due to their anatomical and occlusal countenance. Dental implants have demonstrated a large size of success in the restorations of teeth in incompletely or completely edentulous patients. However, Categorizing and resolving design features of molars implants should help clinicians supply instructions and select design features that […]

Determination of Decannulation Problems in Tracheostomized Quadriplegic Patients

Tracheostomy decannulation is forever difficult in cases of frightening quadriplegia due to respiratory power paralysis, rib cage infections, aspiration, and the need to take care of sacral sores. It is owned by identify and overcome the difficulties in decannulation of tracheostomy in cases of quadriplegia on account of cervical spinal rope injury. A potential observational […]

Overhead Squat Assessment (Ohsa)

The overhead squat judgment is a screening test that judges dynamic posture internally. The majority of vital posture evaluations use expensive laboratory methods, which concede possibility not be applicable to all movement specialists and trainers in real-planet contexts. Because the overhead squat evaluation is respected as being extremely efficient and time-efficient, information of the dynamic […]

A Case Report on Atraumatic Spleen Rupture Presenting as Acute Abdominal Pain

Introduction: Pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (PNEN) are excellent cancers originating from the endocrine fabric within the pancreas. These tumours are categorised established their functional (hormonal) traits and malignant inclination. The manifestation of manifestations and signs is influenced by the tumour’s hormonal function, magnitude, and extent of often major. Most cases of PNEN are isolated and non-functioning, […]

Deep Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Updated Study after 3 Years of the Pandemic

Tremendous human sufferings and death around the experience caused by the COVID-19 universal have compelled humankind to take deep lessons from this universal. To provide a historical outlook, this paper briefly inspected the COVID-19 pandemic and the outbreak of disease or condition/epidemics in history, identified 3 overall styles (including: (1) The repetitiveness of the pandemics/epidemics […]

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