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Association between Chronotype and Social Factors in Shift Workers: A Descriptive, Quantitative and Exploratory Study

The purpose of this research was to assess the chronotype of shift workers at a wholesale company, analyse worker sleep on working days and off days, and confirm the links between sociodemographic factors and different work shifts with chronotypes. The light/dark cycle synchronises most biological and behavioural factors to 24-hour periods. Individual variances in the […]

Assessment of Newborn Survival in Telangana, India: Improvement Noted after the Intervention

Pregnant women’s health is crucial to human survival because life begins in the mother’s womb, and the intrauterine environment determines the health of the new offspring. Around a quarter of all newborn deaths occur in the United States. According to the 2016 Sample Registration Survey (SRS), neonatal mortality accounts for 70.58 percent of all baby […]

A Case Report on Anaphylactic Shock Due to Psyllium (Seeds of Plantago Ovata) Allergy

Bulk laxatives have traditionally been made from Plantago ovata seeds, often known as psyllium or ispaghula. As a component in bakery and breakfast cereals, it is now used to boost nutritional fibre and give baked products fluffiness and viscosity. There have been reports of occupational allergies to Plantago ovata seeds in powder laxatives, as well […]

Breathing- Mechanism of Breathing, Muscles of Respiration, Breathing Pattern and Breathing Exercises

The process of breathing, also known as ventilation, is critical for gas exchange. Inhalation and exhalation are the two processes that make up the breathing mechanism. The diaphragm is the major muscle of inspiration during stop breathing, whereas auxiliary muscles of inspiration are engaged during deep breathing or in illness processes. Expiration is a passive […]

Association of Plaque Accumulation with Caries Risk in Mixed Dentition Stage

Caries is thought to be caused by a catastrophic alteration in the typical plaque biofilm, according to most theories. The oral environment is reflected in the biofilm’s behaviour and composition, and caries is a reflection of the negative changes occurring in that environment. As a result, identifying the plaque biofilm is crucial for predicting the […]

A Case Report on Type 1 Diabetes with Extra Long Duration

This case study focused on a woman who lived for 91 years, was insulin-dependent for 86 years, and was cared for by the same physician, the author, for over 55 years. In 1932, when she was five years old, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Her diabetes was initially managed with rapid-acting insulin three times a […]

Effectiveness of Case Based Learning in First MBBS Students in Physiology: An Approach towards to Promote Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning

Case-based learning (CBL), a relatively new approach, was utilised to teach physiology, a basic subject, in this study. The purpose of the study was to see how successful case-based learning is for first-year medical students. The objectives were to improve students’ comprehension, reasoning skills, and knowledge retention while also increasing their interest and desire for […]

Qualitative Analysis of Free Reproductive and Maternal Health Care and Its Implications for Universal Health Coverage in Kenya

Universal health coverage and equity are the primary goals of any health-care system in the world. As a result, Kenya’s government has made improving reproductive, maternal, child, and adolescent health (RMCAH) outcomes a top priority. The government of Kenya’s ‘Linda Mama’ project intends to increase access, equity, and coverage of RMCAH services utilising tax revenues […]

Determining the Effect of Curry Leaves and Cucumber Fruit on Lipid Profile in Menopausal Women with Hyperlipidaemia

Hyperlipidemia increases the chances of acquiring cardiovascular disease (CVD). Total cholesterol (TC) and triacyl glycerol (TAG) levels in the blood are elevated in hyperlipidaemia. The purpose of this study was to see how curry leaves powder and slicing cucumber fruit affected hyperlipidemia in menopausal women living in rural areas. Methods: Thirty menopausal healthy women from […]

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