An Investigation of Modal Fibre Based on Absorption Characteristics

The Austrian company Lenzing AG, which trades under the brand Modal, was the first to introduce the fabric. Modal is softer, more lustrous, and has a silkier feel than mercerized cotton, and it may absorb up to 50% more water than cotton. Modal fabrics drape well and do not pile like cotton. In this experiment, […]

Investigating the Effect of Reinforcement Bridging on the Elastic Fracture Energy of Concrete

Structure failure can be investigated using either a strength criterion or a fracture mechanics criterion. Beyond crucial criteria like yield and ultimate strength, the strength criterion deals with material resistance. Toughness, which can be characterised as stress intensity factor (K) or fracture energy, is used to identify the critical condition in fracture mechanics (G). Based […]

Single Excited Molecular Orbitals’ Contribution in Uv-Vis Absorption of Dichloride-bis(5,7-dichloroquinolin-8-olato)tin(IV): A Recent Study

The absorption spectrum of dichloride-bis(5,7-dichloroquinolin-8-olato)tin(IV) with the chemical formula Q2SnCl2 is computed and compared to experimental data using first-principles methodologies. The energy correction terms for the excitation energies are calculated using single excited molecular orbitals (SEMO) from the ground state to the excited states of the molecule. This method may be used to determine the […]

Influence of Technology of Nanopowder Production on the Microstructure of the Sintered by Spark-Plasma Material

A comparison of the Spark-Plasma Sintering (SPS) results of two types of aluminium oxide nanopowders generated through conductor explosion and plasma synthesis. The qualities of the resulting compacts are notably different in mechanical properties and microstructure when the parameters of both powders are similar (spherical form of the particles, size, phase composition), as well as […]

Study of Temperature Dependence of Volume Thermal Expansion of Nanomaterials Using New Integral Form of Equation of State (IFEOS)

A new integral version of equation of state was used to investigate the volume thermal expansion of nanomaterials under the effect of temperature (IFEOS). To investigate the effect of temperature on a variety of nanomaterials, including fullerene (C60), 20 nm-Ni, 15 nm-(80Ni+20Fe), n-ZnO, n-TiO2, and n-NiO, researchers looked at fullerene (C60), 20 nm-Ni, 15 nm-(80Ni+20Fe), […]

Literatures Pertaining to the Definitions of Technological Innovation Capabilities in the New Millennium: A Review

The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on industrial technological innovation in relation to economic growth over the last decade. The information and concepts in this work are mostly drawn from review articles on national economic development. Because of the diversity of national backgrounds and cultures, the amount of success in various […]

Analysing the Impact Strength of Polymer Composite Materials (PCM) Fiber Reinforced in the Fiberboat Application

Fiberglass-reinforced Polymer Composite Materials (PCM) provide crucial mechanical properties for fibre boat building. For a fibre boat, mechanical testing is critical. The mechanical properties of this study were determined using the impact test. Each test used varied weight percentages of 99.5 percent -0.5 percent, 99 percent -1 percent, 98.5 percent -1, 5 percent, 98 percent […]

Analytical Techniques for Determining Chloropyrifos in Fruits and Vegetables

For the detection of chloropyrifos, highly sensitive spectrophotometric and gas chromatographic methods were established. The base was chloropyrifos alkaline hydrolysis to 1,2,4-trichloropyridine, followed by coupling with congored in the presence of nitric acid. At 605nm, the absorption maxima of blue colour formed at 800-900C. In the range of 0.5-5.7 ppm, Beer’s law was followed. 0.005 […]

Study on Enhancement of Adhesion Force and Surface Conductivity of Graphene Oxide Films using Different Solvents

The nanotechnology approach was used to improve the adhesion force as well as the surface properties of graphene oxide (GO) films in this study. By employing a modified Hummer’s process to oxidise pure graphite, GO has been created in powder form. Several types of solvents were used to deposit different films of GO nanoparticles (NPs), […]

Study on Six-degree of Freedom Mathematical Dynamic Model of a Light Sport Aircraft

The research proposes a six-degree-of-freedom mathematical model of a light sport aircraft that shows both longitudinal and lateral-directional stability analytically. The aerodynamic model equations are made up of both the kinematics equations of motion and the kinetics equations of aerodynamic forces and moments. The perturbed dynamic system’s responses at trim demonstrate dynamic stability of both […]