Micro and Nano Fabrication by Powder Metallurgy

Many biological systems and natural phenomena have hierarchically complex structures. These structures give animals like nanoscale viruses, microscale cells, and macroscale tissues a variety of functions. Nature’s miniaturisation has inspired engineers and scientists to create at the micro and nanoscale. Nanostructures of various geometries, such as nanopillars, nanowires, and nanodots, have been created for a […]

Ionic Solids: Introduction, General Aspects

The introduction of ionic solids is covered in this book. In both basic research and possible applications, solid-state transport phenomena are of equal relevance. Because of its appealing electric-power applications, ionic solids have attracted a lot of attention. In many solid-state processes, ionic conduction is a crucial step. Microstructure and physical characteristics of ionic conductors […]

New X-Ray Contrast Agents Based on RE-Tantalates and their Solid Solutions: An Advancement of Research

The goal of this research was to create new gel X-ray contrast agents (RCA) with tantalates of rare-earth elements or solid solutions based on them in micro and nanoscale states. The next goal was to give a gradual rise in contrast, which would improve diagnostic accuracy while lowering patient radiation dose. As such, the orthotantalats […]

A Brief Review on Extraction and Use of Pectin from Natural Sources

Pectin of various strengths, as well as pectin of various standards or derivatives with simple qualities, are in high demand. Pectin is a biodegradable polymer with natural sources that is often used as a food component in jellies, syrups, and dairy products for its densification, gelling, and emulsifying characteristics. Some parameters, such as the extraction […]

Extraction and Separation of Nano-Sized Zirconia from in High Purity ZrO(NO) Using PC88A, D2EHPA and Determination of Impurities by ICP-MS

Many nuclear reactor components, especially the fuel cladding tubes, require high purity zirconium (Zr) elements. Separation from the Zr matrix is required to determine impurities in Zr materials due to the influence of the matrix. Solvent extraction is a typical extraction method that works well in large-scale manufacturing. The capacity of 2-ethylhexyl phosphonic acid mono […]

Study on Synthesis of 1,8-Dioxooctahydroxanthene by Silica Supported Orthophosphoric Acid (HPO•SiO)

We devised a unique technique of preparing xanthenediones by condensing aldehyde and dimedone in a 2:1 proportion utilising silica supported orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4.SiO2) as a catalyst since heterogeneous catalysts are more reusable than homogeneous catalysts. To the numerous substituted aldehydes, the devised technique was scalable, simple, and highly sensitive. Author (S) Details Rahul Shankarrao Patil […]

Determining the Synthesis and Characterization of Some Novel Meso Functionalized Unsymmetrical Metalloporphyrins

The synthesis of meso substituted tetraaryl unsymmetrical metalloporphyrins is described in this article (A3B). The acetate approach and the dimethyl formamide method are two typical ways for metalizing porphyrins. New porphyrins with various functionalizations at the meso-position (A3B type) and their cobalt, nickel, copper, and zinc complexes were synthesised by reacting unsymmetrical porphyrins with metal […]

Studies on Superparamagnetic Behavior of CoFeO/rGO Nanocomposites at Different Temperatures

The source of magnetism is linked to electron spin and orbital motions, as well as how electrons interact with one another. Magnetic nanoparticles have gotten a lot of attention because of their unique features that set them apart from bulk materials. As a result, they can be employed to create novel materials and gadgets. Superparamagnetism […]

Determination of Gomphrena serrata Leaf Extract as Corrosion Inhibitor and Reductant for Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles

In every field of study, adopting environmentally friendly approaches is a must. The potential of Gomphrena serrata leaves as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in HCl medium and as a reductant was investigated in this study. Electrochemical tests, SEM, and FTIR were used to determine the adsorbed layer on the metal surface, which revealed […]

Development and Validation of a Novel LC Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Montelukast and Doxofylline in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

For the simultaneous determination of montelukast and doxofylline in bulk and pharmaceutical dose forms, a novel fast HPLC approach was devised. The development of an analytical method for simultaneous drug estimation necessitates a significant amount of effort and is, without a doubt, a difficult task. The method was created using a C18 column (150 mm […]