Latest News on Coronary Heart Disease: Dec 2020

Coronary heart disease: seven dietary factors The dietary factors believed to be linked with the incidence of coronary heart disease are reviewed in the light of evidence with regard to their functional role, either in protection or in promotion. Detailed analysis of the evidence shows that the relations are more complex than the current lipid […]

Latest News on Pulmonary Artery : Nov 2020

CT-determined pulmonary artery diameters in predicting pulmonary hypertension. This study was to determine if the diameters of pulmonary arteries measured from computed tomographic (CT) scans could be used 1) as indicators of pulmonary artery hypertension and 2) as a reliable base for calculating mean pulmonary artery pressure. The diameters of the main, left, proximal right, […]

Latest Research News on Atrial Fibrillation: Jan – 2020

Rivaroxaban versus Warfarin in Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation BACKGROUND: the utilization of warfarin reduces the speed of ischaemic stroke in patients with fibrillation but requires frequent monitoring and dose adjustment. Rivaroxaban, an oral factor Xa inhibitor, may provide more consistent and predictable anticoagulation than warfarin. METHODS: during a double-blind trial, we randomly assigned 14,264 patients with […]

Latest Research News on Left Ventricular: Jan – 2020

Echocardiographic assessment of left ventricular hypertrophy: Comparison to necropsy findings To determine the accuracy of echocardiographic left ventricular (LV) dimension and mass measurements for detection and quantification of LV hypertrophy, results of blindly read antemortem echocardiograms were compared with LV mass measurements made at necropsy in 55 patients. LV mass was calculated using M-mode LV […]