Latest News on Bone Cancer: Jan 2021

Pathophysiology of bone cancer pain. The most common cancers, such as those affecting the breast, prostate, and lung have a strong predilection to metastasize to bone. Bone metastasis frequently results in pain, pathologic fractures, hypercalcemia, and spinal cord compression. Pain can have a devastating effect on the quality of life in advanced cancer patients and […]

Latest News on Carcinosarcoma : Dec 2020

Uterine Carcinosarcoma Carcinosarcoma is a rare but highly aggressive uterine malignancy. Pathologically, carcinosarcoma is a biphasic neoplasm composed of a mixture of malignant epithelial and mesenchymal components. A comprehensive approach for management is recommended with complete surgical staging to assess tumor dissemination followed by multimodal therapy with combinations of external beam irradiation or vaginal brachytherapy […]

Latest News on Cancer Metastasis : Aug – 2020

Autophagy in cancer metastasis Autophagy is a highly conserved self-degradative process that has a key role in cellular stress responses and survival. Recent work has begun to explore the function of autophagy in cancer metastasis, which is of particular interest given the dearth of effective therapeutic options for metastatic disease. Autophagy is induced upon progression […]

Latest Research on Colorectal Cancer: Jan – 2020

Colorectal cancer screening: Clinical guidelines and rationale Evidence exists that reductions in colorectal cancer (CRC) mortality are often achieved through detection and treatment of early-stage CRCs and therefore the identification and removal of adenomatous polyps, the precursor to those cancers. An expert, multidisciplinary panel was convened to review this evidence and to supply recommendations to […]

Latest Research on Colon Cancer: Jan – 2020

Modifiable risk factors for colon cancer. Although many mechanisms remain unclear, an outsized body of evidence indicates that several dietary and lifestyle factors are likely to possess a serious influence on the danger of carcinoma . Physical inactivity, excess weight , and a central deposition of adiposity are consistent risk factors. Overconsumption of energy is […]

News Update on Radiation Oncology Research: Jan – 2020

Modern Radiation Therapy for Extranodal Lymphomas: Field and Dose Guidelines From the International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group Extranodal lymphomas (ENLs) comprise a few third of all non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL). radiotherapy (RT) is usually used as either primary therapy (particularly for indolent ENL), consolidation after systemic therapy, salvage treatment, or palliation. The wide selection of presentations […]