Monarchy of Concordia: Business Models and Noise Behavior Legislation

The Monarchy of Concordia is a multinational society whose goal is to keep the planet in peace and harmony by limiting human noisy behaviour. With guiding principles of energy perspectives in a community, the Monarchy of Concordia has a motto of “Controlling Human Noise Behavior.” Noise is described as an unpleasant sensation caused by the […]

Corporate Governance and Business Performance. Theories and Evidence about Corporate Governance

The subject of this book was corporate governance. The authors’ contributions include laws, regulations, corporate management, legislation, shareholders, Corporate Regulation, performance remuneration, London Stock Exchange, accountability, non-compliant business, financial structure, cashflows, agency costs, institutional shareholders, tax benefits, financial repolting, corporate control market, econometric model, economic gains, quasi-equilibrium business, financial repolting, corporate control market, econometric model, […]

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Business and Management Dynamics

This book covers various fields such as digital sophistication, brand management, branding, cross-country research, omnichannel, leadership style, creative behaviour, creativity, components, South Africa, Black Friday, consumer value, customer loyalty, Generation Y, cognitive resources, quality of service, dimensions of service quality, customer satisfaction, airports, structuring, quick-cash, utility maximizers, HR practitioners, recruitment, sustainability, institutional philosophy, atmosphere, policy, […]

High Frequency Trading: Business Redesign through Big Data and Cloud

This monograph explores the operation of HFT traders on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (HSE) and focuses on the viability of the strategies suggested by HFT for other market participants. The author offers a comprehensive analysis of both the institutional context and the related scholarly literature in support of this report. In this monograph, by deemphasizing […]

An Overview on Value at Risk Model of Bank Cash Management with Application to Lebanon

This paper develops a bank cash management model that is easy enough to comprehend and apply. The model relies on Value at Risk ( VaR), stress testing, and inventory management joint principles. The uncertainty of cash withdrawals must be calculated for this reason. This is carried out through a Predicting a regression that explains cash […]

Liberalism and Protectionism Tendencies in Contemporary Foreign Trade Policy

The main objective of the research task is to give a comprehensive analysis of the liberalism and protectionism tendencies in contemporary foreign trade policy. It must be emphasis that on a theoretical level, understanding the choice of trade policies between liberalism and protectionism is very important. It is important to underline that a few multinational […]

New Tendency in the Foreign Trade Policy in Relations between European Union and China and Their Perspectives

In the new circumstances for the development of the global economy and the global trade, the eyes of the world, and the EU too, have been turned to China. This country seems to be a production superpower, able to change the world trade. In many areas it possesses comparative advantages. The access of China to […]

Strategy on Investment — Mathematics and Practice

This book collects papers of strategy on investment and its mathematical analysis, including: Diffusion of Price Changing of commodity (or stock) of one source; and multiple sources and holding shares strategy; the fractal PDE method to improve accuracy; Investment in hydrogen engine must be ended with failure based on conversation law of energy; Simple differential […]

Latest Research on Corporate Social Responsibility Research: Sep – 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility: Evolution of a Definitional Construct There is a formidable history related to the evolution of the idea and definition of company social responsibility (CSR). during this article, the author traces the evolution of the CSR construct starting within the Nineteen Fifties, that marks the trendy era of CSR. Definitions dilated throughout the […]

Latest News on English Teachers Research: Sep – 2019

Non‐Native‐Speaker English Teachers The non‐native speaker (NNS) movement seeks to empower English academics WHO don’t seem to be native speakers of English. What began twenty years past as an endeavor by a number of students within the us has currently unfold worldwide. whereas most goals of the movement are achieved, discrimination against NNS English academics […]