Probiotics – Isolated from Yak Yoghurt in Qinghai Tibet Plateau of China

The most representative probiotics are lactic acid bacteria, which are typically used in fermented foods, medications, foods and beverages. Yak yoghurt is a kind of fermented milk produced in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, China, by Tibetan herdsmen. In Yak yoghurt, there are abundant lactic acid bacteria. In this monograph, the anti-constipation, anti-colitis, anti-alcoholic anti-liver injury, […]

Impact of Starch Addition on Properties of Urea Formaldehyde/Starch Copolymer Blends for Application as a Binder in the Coating Industry

In order to formulate a paint binder for emulsion paint formulation, Urea formaldehyde resin was reactively blended with various concentrations (10-70 percent) of cassava starch. Some physical properties and the emission of formaldehyde from the blended resin have been investigated. Initially, viscosity decreased before a gradual increase was noted with an increase in the concentration […]

Mechanism of Alternative Splicing in Cancer Therapy

Alternative splicing is an essential mechanism by which the rearrangement of exons and introns contributes to the development of multiple proteins from a single gene. It is one of the key drivers of the variety of proteomas. The spliceosome is the macromolecular machinery that mediates the alternative splicing process through a multi-step process involving small […]

Studying the Effects of Moringa oleifera Linn Seed Administration on Sperm Production Rate and Gonadal Sperm Reserve in Rabbits

The effects of oral administration of Moringa seed on the development rate of sperm and the gonadal sperm reserve in rabbits have been investigated in the current research. Two treatment groups receiving Moringa oleifera seed powder in drinking water (250 mg / L) were randomly allocated to 7-month-old mixed-breed male rabbits. The gonadal sperm reserve, […]

A Comparative Study of in vivo Plant and in vitro Callus Extracts of Coccinia indica (W. and A)

An attempt was made in the present study to evaluate the phytochemical, antimicrobial , antioxidant and alpha-amylase inhibitory activity of leaf extracts of Coccinia indica (W. and A) using four solvents and to compare them with callous extracts. The leaf explants of C. were initiated by Callus. Indica with 90 % efficiency using BAP (1 […]

A Systematic Review on the Effect of Moroccan Plants against Phytopathogenic Microorganisms

In Morocco, as in other countries, plant diseases caused by microorganisms are a major problem affecting many agricultural crops, causing damage to the yield potential each year. Medicinal plants are among the richest bio-resources of drugs currently used for biological control to cope with this burden. Sixty five Moroccan plants with antimicrobial properties are cited […]

An Experimental Design of L-Asparaginase Excreted by Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Poincianella pyramidalis Rhizosphere

The L-Asparaginase enzyme (E.C. present in humans, bacteria, fungi , plants and animals, is essential for the normal progress of the cell cycle. L-asparaginase is important for the treatment of Hodgkin’s and leukaemia diseases. The genus Pseudomonas, which has the capacity to produce L-asparaginase type I and/or II, is among the bacteria that produce […]

Hypoglycemic Effect by the Ethanolic Extract of Bauhinia monandra Leaves in Rats Subjected to Intrauterine Malnutrition

Objectives: The aim of this work was to investigate the effects of Bauhinia monandra ethanol extract (E) on blood glucose (G), regulate insulin and lipids (C) and prenatal malnourished rats (M). Samples: Animals (from 90 days) were on a high-glucose baseline or isocaloric diet (67%, w / w) for 30 days. Study Design: 0.1 percent […]

A Report on Genetic Mapping in Papillon-Lefèvre Syndrome

Two cases of Papillon-Lefevre syndrome (PLS) in paediatric patients treated with a multidisciplinary approach have been identified in the current case series. Papillon-Lefevre syndrome (PLS) is an unusual heterogeneous autosomal recessive trait characterised by erythematous palmoplantar hyperkeratosis, periodontitis of early onset, and dura mater associated calcification. With genetic, immunological, and microbial factors playing a role […]

Study on the Assessment of Genetic Variability Estimates of Selected Traits in Irish Potato Mutants

Objectives: Knowledge of genetic parameters of traits, such as heritabilities and genetic correlations, is important for an effective potato breeding strategy, hence the need to test genetic variability estimates of yield-related traits in Irish potato mutants Study Design: There was no replication of mutant minitubers at M1V1 generation because each does not maintain the same […]