Latest News on Letter Writing : July 21

[1] Business Letter Writing: English, French, and Japanese This article examines the form and content of business letters of request in English, French, and Japanese, focusing on prescriptive accounts in the respective languages. Since writing is the process of creating meaning, the examination of a highly prescriptive form of written communication increases our understanding of […]

Self and Management Ratings of Job Performance in the Perspective of Teachers’ Career Success

The aim of this study is to explore the effect of job performance on the success of teachers in the Malaysian school context. In this study, two dimensions of job performance were examined, such as mission performance and organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB). This examination led to more knowledge by accepting the various interpretations of job […]

A Brief Discussion: Me, Religion and Culture

The spiritual realm that envelops us, me-the creative person, religion-the uncontainable cosmos, and culture-is the triad that guides the essay. Religion and culture reflect certain soft human dimensions that rationalists such as economists and politicians generally do not investigate. Human beings, who are the initiators and the motivators of such systems, carry out all superhuman […]

An Overview of History and Current Situation of Education for Children with Disabilities in Cambodia: A Gray Literature Review

The private sector has been in charge of educating all children with disabilities in Cambodia. The schooling of children with visual and hearing impairments will, however, be shifted to the public education system in 2020. In this paper, we report on historical improvements to the existing state of education for people with disabilities in the […]

Studies on Beliefs, Values and Morals: The Philosophical Underpinnings of Dysthanasia

Though abstract principles are deeply embedded in the sub-consciousness of every adult human, beliefs, values, and morals constitute a moral structure whose implementation oversees every activity in our daily lives. In medical practise, ethical dilemmas are associated with end-of-life procedures, care, and prognosis, which are defined in accordance with individual or collective beliefs and values. […]

Counteracting Ageism and Learning about Aging through Early Children’s Literature

Worldwide, life expectancy is rising. In general, people are not prepared for this long life and have ageist attitudes that hinder exploiting the “dividend of longevity” they have been granted. This improved longevity stresses the need to combat ageism and plan for the later years of life. The children of today are the older adults […]

Modelling Career Success of Teachers towards OCB and Justice Relationships: An Analysis in Malaysia

This study examines the relationship in the Malaysian teaching community between organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) and the career success of teachers. Two dimensions of teacher career success, which are multiple promotions and career satisfaction, have been explored in this study. The study also explores the role of justice as a moderating force in OCB relationships […]

Studies on Being Itself, World Images, Limit Situation, Temporality and Existence as an Analytical Structure for Existential Enlightenment

Karl  Jaspers claims that some restricting situations in the representations of the universe must be met in order to become Being itself, including death, pain, hardship, randomness and remorse. It comes into existence only by joining these limit situations, while the current empirical avoids facing such situations. But Jaspers did not regard time as a […]

Advancement on the Mechanics of Conceptual Thinking

The knowledge accrued about the implication of the limbic system’s internal mechanisms in the production of articulate expression, from which conceptual thought arises, is now advanced to the extent where it is now possible to formulate a simple mechanic of conceptual thinking. Definition of conceptual thought mechanics resulting from sequences of contact between the limbic […]

Development of a Capacity-Analysis Paradigm for the Senior High School Economics Teacher’s Professional Identity in Ghana

In order to evaluate their validity as components of the professional identity of economics teachers in relation to their ideal professional ability, this study established a set of core professional identity indicators to which professional economics teachers and economics teacher educators in Ghana replied. Specifically, the study analysed the views of respondents on the importance […]