Latest News on Technology Transfer : May 2020

Measurement and evaluation of technology transfer: review of technology transfer mechanisms and indicators The locus of industrial innovation is shifting toward industrial networks, in which parallel development processes in individual interconnected actors frequently dominate. This development presents new challenges for the measurement and evaluation of technology transfer. In this paper, various technology transfer mechanisms and […]

Latest News on Agricultural Productivity Research: Feb – 2020

Agricultural productivity, comparative advantage, and economic growth The role of agricultural productivity in economic development is addressed during a two-sector model of endogenous growth during which (a) preferences are non-homothetic and therefore the income elasticity of demand for the agricultural good is a smaller amount than unitary, and (b) the engine of growth is learning-by-doing […]

News Update on Agricultural Training Research: Feb – 2020

Plant nematology: an agricultural training aid. (Revised). This second edition is an enlarged version of the primary which was published in 1977. It consists of three major sections. the primary deals with such wide-ranging topics as nematode diversity, reproduction, mobility, feeding of plant parasitic forms, collection and labelling of samples, dispersal methods and cultural, chemical […]

Latest Research on Agricultural Labourers: Jan – 2020

Landlords, sharecroppers and agricultural labourers: Changing labour relations in Rural Java It has mainlv been the massive landowners in Gondosari who are during a position to require advantage of the modernisasi of agricultural production. Long before the seventies they enjoyed a dominant economic, social and political position within the village. Closely linked by family ties,7 […]

Latest Research on Food Security: Jan – 2020

Global food security under climate change This article reviews the potential impacts of global climate change on food security. it’s found that of the four main elements of food security, i.e., availability, stability, utilization, and access, only the primary is routinely addressed in simulation studies. to the present end, published results indicate that the impacts […]