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A Critics on Nuclear Theory of Cultivation Science of Crops

The purpose concerning this work was to explain the study matters and the nuclear belief system of crop cultivation skill on the basis of the current situation and crop nurture science’s problems, practices in crop result, and some hypothetical perspectives. In this work, it was argued that a hypothetical system for Chinese agricultural education science […]

Inter-Units Conversion in Soil Analytical Studies

This item seeks to provide few inter-unit adaptation or provide conversion determinant in soil analytical studies. The basis or reason for carrying out soil analysis involve the need to know plant available foods vis-a-vis their replenishment; to decide increase in crop yield through fertilization; to evaluate the fiber status of soil and the need for […]

Factors Affecting Agricultural Extension Delivery in Ashanti, Eastern and Northern Regions of Ghana: A Case Study

The objective concerning this study was to label the characteristics that influence extension transfer in Ghana’s Ashanti, Eastern, and Northern regions. Food questions have haunted mankind because time immemorial. Along with any technological breakthroughs to increase yields, the food needs of increasing populations were historically join by expanding the cultivated field. As the most abundant […]

Characteristics of Rhizosphere Bacteria of Sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) Grown on Acrisol and Ferrasol Soils of Dong Nai Province, the Southeast of Vietnam

The study proposed to investigate difference, population dynamics of nitrogen obsession and phosphate solubilization bacteria in rhizosphere of sugarcane refined in acrisol and ferrasol soils of Dong Nai province, the Southeast of Vietnam. Nitrogen total, dissolved phosphorus and natural carbon of the soil were determined by utilizing colorimetric method and procedure described by Walkley-Black. Nitrogen […]

Micro-Propagation Methodology for the Apple Balady Cultivar Utilizing Leaf Explants

The aims of this study search out establish a fabric culture and rapid calculating-propagation mechanics system, in addition to an efficient shoots conversion method handling leaf explants from the Balady apple genotype. The belongings of various types and amounts of cytokinin and carbon beginnings on shoots regeneration were intentional using artificial leaves as explants for […]

Assessment of The Impact of Biological Products on the Quality of Potato Tubers

The aim of the study search out assess the effect of advantageous microorganisms introduced into the soil on picked indicators of the value of edible vegetable tubers. The study evaluated an early, simple, drought-resistant, hoarfrost-resistant and stress-opposing potato type of the Russian selection “Udacha”. When increasing potatoes, organic products “Organic”, “Protection of ancestries” and “Crop […]

An Assessment of the Transaction Chain of Sesame Seed in Nasarawa State Nigeria

The study resolved the sesame seed trade in Nasarawa, Nigeria, recognizing key players, factors deciding price, and challenges faced by sellers. A total of 150 subjects were sampled, using determinable methodologies. The findings granted that sesame seed is a profitable crop for merchants, but price determination influenced by extrinsic entities like the greenback exchange rate […]

High Free Fatty Acids (FFA) Content in Fermented and dry Cocoa Beans with Various Cocoa Producing Geographical Location of Côte d’Ivoire in the Climate Change Context

Aims: Cocoa beans garnered from Côte d’Ivoire faces more and more to the high FFA essences. Yet, generation of FFA levels degrades advantageous rheological properties of cocoa fat and chocolate. This study examined the factors that potentially advance the increase of high FFA cargos of Ivorian cocoa beans.Methodology: Samples: 240 cocoa beans parcels were sampled […]

Empowering Women Farmers: Designing and Developing Pull Type Electric Seeder

Women are an essential component of the land system in Gujarat’s ancestral region. They mainly convert all kinds of labor. Manual seeding demands a lot of work and time. Accurate calculation of the space ‘tween the seeds should to achieve consistent setting. The majority of manual seeders common today lack this ability. In order to […]

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