Scientists say they’ve cracked the mystery of why whales migrate—and it’s all about healthy skin

Some people travel across oceans to seek warm, healing waters in spas or coastal resorts. It turns out that whales are likely making their annual migrations for much the same reason: to maintain healthy skin, according to a new study out today. Scientists have long wondered why whales—baleens, such as humpbacks and blues, and toothed […]

Peer Review History: Preparation and Physical Properties of CuxZn1-xS Thin Films Deposited by Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition Technique

Copper Zinc Sulphide (CuxZn1-xS) thin films were prepared and deposited using metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) technique. The films were studied using Rutherford backscattering (RBS) spectroscopy for elemental composition and thickness, X-ray diffraction (XRD) for crystallographic structure, Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) for surface morphology and Ultraviolet-Visible spectroscopy analysis for optical characterization. Experimental results showed […]

Peer Review History: Diffuse Reflectance of Powders

The propagation of light through powders differs significantly from the propagation of light in a homogeneous material, since the light scatters off points in its path. Colors of powders are related to the fineness of the powder, when the powder is illuminated with white light. As Fourier transform infrared has become more common, the diffuse […]

Peer Review History: Allocating a Cumulative Carbon Budget to India –Results from Different Budgeting Periods and Sharing Principles

Introduction: Paris Agreement, aiming to limit global warming to 2°C, has stipulated a global discussion regarding allocating a fair share of world’s cumulative carbon emissions to countries. Thereafter, different theories proposing various sharing principles are being proposed. The present study estimates the future cumulative carbon budget allocation to India using these sharing principles. Aims: The […]

Peer Review History: Effect of Social Capital on Poverty Alleviation among Fish Farming Households in Oyo State, Nigeria

This study investigates the effect of social capital investment on poverty reduction among fish farming households of Oyo State, Nigeria. A multistage sampling technique was adopted in the selection of the respondents. Primary data were collected using a structured questionnaire from a representative sample size of 359 households in four local government areas representing the […]

Peer Review History: Impact of Farm Mechanization on Income of Farmers in Assam, India

The study was conducted in Central Brahmaputra Valley and Upper Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam in India. The present study is an attempt to study the effect of mechanization on income and limiting factors of farm mechanization of the sample farms. Primary data of 240 sample farms by personal interview schedule method was used for […]

Peer Review History: A Study on the Application of Gamma Transmission Techniques on the Quality Control of Sandcrete Block

This study considered the setup of gamma transmission facility to develop a methodology for determining the amount of cement in sandcrete block. Twelve block samples was moulded in varying sand/cement ratio. The 12 samples each were measured both in volume, masses and density. Each of the samples went through a destructive test to determine the […]