Case Study on an Alcoholic Respondent

A case study is an in-depth assessment of a case that focuses on many aspects. The case in this study was admitted to a well-known de-addiction/rehabilitation centre in Kolkata, India. This case study necessitates a backwards archival technique. To correlate findings with the case history, a detailed case history was gathered and psychological tests were conducted. Amal was admitted to the centre with the primary complaint of drinking too much alcohol, which is interfering with his physical, emotional, occupational, and social lives. Drinking and severe maladaptive behavioural changes, such as inappropriate aggressive behaviour, mood labiality, and impaired judgement in family and occupational realms, are all factors for alcohol intoxication. He denies having problems and is frequently defensive. The CAGE Test was used to detect alcoholism in this particular case. The person has ‘Psychoactive Substance Abuse Disorder’ that is accompanied by secondary depression. He has psychopathology, based on his case history, behaviour, and test results. He has gone through a therapeutic process. He was given cognitive behaviour therapy to help him regain his mental equilibrium.

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Tinni Dutta

Department of Psychology, Murlidhar Girls’ College, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India.

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