Butterfly Gastric Bypass

Perforation, haemorrhage, and cancer of the bypassed stomach, duodenum, and biliary tree are significant problems that can be deadly if not detected early, which is difficult with RYGBP and micro bypass procedures. Butterfly gastroplasty is an option for patients who are suitable for bariatric surgery. When comorbidities are present, the BMI should be greater than 30 or greater than 25. The success of butterfly gasroplasty as a laparoscopic restrictive technique, as evidenced by the fact that over 1000 cases have been performed (since 2008) in numerous centres and the Ahmed Maher teaching hospital in Cairo, Egypt. We recommend laparoscopic butterfly gastric bypass (BB) as the treatment of choice for morbid obesity because it combines all of the benefits of a mini gastric bypass with the added benefit of a gastro-gastric banded outlet that allows for easy endoscopic and radiological diagnosis and treatment of the bypassed stomach.

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Essam Abdel-Galil
Department of Surgery, Ahmed MAHER Teaching Hospital, Cairo, Egypt.View Book :- https://stm.bookpi.org/HMMS-V7/article/view/2030

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