Butterfly Biodiversity of Jogimatti Forest, Chitradurga, Karnataka- India

The study’s goal was to learn about and assess the butterfly biodiversity in the Jogimatti Forest in the Chitradurga district of Karnataka, India. Butterflies are good pollinators and highly sensitive to any environmental variation, and are considered ideal bio-indicators of the health of their ecosystem due to their visual appeal. The survey found the existence of 39 butterfly species belonging to five families, with Nymphalidae (44 percent), Pieridae (28 percent), Lycaenidae (13 percent), Papilionidae (10 percent), and Hespiridae (10 percent) dominating (5 percent ). In terms of number of species, there are 430 Nymphalidae (136) and Pieridae (178) butterflies. The study discovered that the dominanat butterfly species from their respective families are the Common mormon, Common emigrant, Plain tiger, Common cerulean, and Indian cupid. The Jogimatti forest in Chitradurga district is a conducive habitat for butterfly diversity, and we can learn more about the host plants that support the variety of butterflies.

Author(S) Details

S. G. Dhananjaya
Department of Zoology, Government Science College, Chitradurga, Davanagere University, Karrnataka- 577501, India.

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