Breijo’s Pattern: A Shortened of Cardiac Electrical Activity

Several writers are progressively studying the decrease of cardiac electrical systole – short PR and QTc intervals in the same ECG, commonly known as the “Electrocardiographic Breijo Pattern.” On the vast majority of cases, it goes unnoticed in an ECG tracing. This electrocardiographic pattern was associated with a wide range of symptoms in those who had it. The major symptoms shared by all patients were nocturnal tachycardias, disorientation, seizures, and inexplicable syncopal accesses. So far, our research team has examined and cross-checked over 127 cases. Its diagnosis is critical in avoiding the most devastating outcome: untimely death. The atria are included in the cardiac electrical systole, despite the fact that many writers consider it to be just from the beginning of the Q wave to the end of the T wave – that is, depolarization and repolarization of the ventricles. As a result, both the P wave and the PR segment must be included in the electrical cardiac systole. When the PR interval and the QT interval both shorten, we should talk about: Decreased cardiac electrical systole.

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Francisco Ramón Breijo- Márquez
Department of Clinical Cardiology, Boston Hospital, USA.

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