Boron, Aluminium, Iron, Arsenic, Antimony, Silicon, Titanium and Selenium Derivatives of N-(2-Methly) Phenylgycine, Spectral Measurement and Antifungal Activity

The boron, aluminium, iron, arsenic, antimony, silicon, titanium and selenium derivatives of N-(2-
methyl) phenylglycine have been prepared by the interaction of their corresponding isopropoxide with
the latter in different molar ratios in benzene medium. The course of reaction was monitored by
estimating the amount of isopropanol liberated in benzene – isopropanol azeotrope in each case. The
compounds thus prepared were generally obtained as colored solids and amongst them those
containing isopropoxy group(s) was found to be hygroscopic. All these compounds were
characterized by azeotrope and elemental analysis, as well as by spectral measurements. They were
tested in vitro for their antifungal activity against Aternaria alternate and Fusarium oxyporum

Author (s) Details

Dr. Deepti Joshi
Department of Chemistry, M. B. Govt. P. G. College, Kumaun University, Haldwani, Nainital-263439, India.

Madhup Chandra
Department of Chemistry, College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, G.B. Pant University Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar-263145, India and Chemical Laboratories, D.S.B. Campus, Kumaun University, Nainital – 263002, India.

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