Bone Augmentation with Simultaneous Implant Placement and Immediate Loading


In this paper, we offer a methodology for treating edentulous individuals who require a bone graft in a timely but safe way. We want to see if simultaneous extractions, bone grafting, IPI installation, and rapid loading in both jaws are feasible. Following this initial step, the procedure is repeated with the implantation of final dental implants and an instantaneous loading regimen once again. At the Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital in Tilburg, the Netherlands, this technique was implemented to a suitable patient group and followed up for at least a year. We conclude that, despite the fact that this is a complicated treatment owing to the elaborate step-by-step approach, the protocol produces good and predictable outcomes, with a 100% implant survival rate and a 97 percent success rate.

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Van Camp Philippe
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, St-Blasius Hospital Dendermonde, Belgium.

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