Bohm Criterion in the Presence of a Magnetic Field: A Descriptive Approach


The plasma column is described in detail in this study, including the diamagnetic effect caused by azimuthal electron currents. However, the main finding is that the Bohm condition is met in this scenario. dn/dɸ is the amount.At the plasma border, the Boltzmann value approaches.This research is intriguing since the Boltzmann relation for electron density is not assumed. It’s worth noting that Bohm came up with the criterion by applying the Boltzmann equation for electron density. However, the main goal of this research was to see if the Bohm criteria was still valid in the presence of a magnetic field. The electron density was not considered to be determined by the Boltzmann relation. Bohm established this assumption in his formulation of the criteria for sheath development. Consider the ion and electron densities plotted versus potential for both the plasma and sheath areas to obtain some information. It appears that the outcome is universal and may be applied to various circumstances.

Author(s) Details:

J. E. Allen,
Imperial College, London, SW7 2BW, UK and University College, Oxford, OX1 4BH, UK and OCIAM, Mathematical Institute, Oxford, OX2 6GG, UK.

J. T. Holgate,
Imperial College, London, SW7 2BW, UK.

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