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BIONATURE (0970-9835 (Print), 0974-4282 (Online)) aims to publish high-quality papers in any branch of BIOLOGY. Special priority will be given to manuscripts dealing with population genetics, plant morphology, cultural and physical anthropology, forestry, ecology and chromosomal and enzymatic variations.  This journal considers following types of papers. The journal also encourages the submission of useful reports of negative results. This is a peer-reviewed, subscription-based INTERNATIONAL journal.

Disclaimer: BIONATURE (0970-9835 (Print), 0974-4282 (Online)) journal is published by Global Press Hub (GPH) from 2017 (Volume 37). BIONATURE (0970-9835 (Print), 0974-4282 (Online)) is the official journal of Society of Bionaturalists (India). BIONATURE (0970-9835 (Print), 0974-4282 (Online)) is registered with Registrar of Newspapers, India, No: 9680, dated 11.12.1980.

Society Address: Society of Bionaturalists, Department of Genetics, Bhopal University (New name: Barkatullah University), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462026, India. (India), website: www.bionaturalists.inChairman: Prof. Hit Kishore Goswami Ph.D., Retired & Visiting Professor of Botany and Genetics, University of Bhopal, Address: 24, Kaushalnagar, P O Misrod, Bhopal (MP) India

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