Assessment of Teaching Creative Thinking in Primary School, a Study in Mathematics Subject

 Teaching children to think is a crucial educational endeavour that should begin in primary school. However, in many primary schools, this responsibility received little attention. All Vietnamese primary schools have been using the redesigned curriculum since 2018, which highlights the importance of teaching creative thinking to students of all ages. This paper details a practical investigation into the current state of teaching creative thinking to elementary pupils, as well as the factors that contribute to it. The author performed a survey with 145 primary teachers in 6 primary schools in the Vietnamese provinces of Thai Binh, Hanoi, and Nam Dinh to assess the current state of teaching creative thinking to last grade students in primary school. The results of this survey revealed that poor creative thinking growth in elementary schools is related to teachers’ misunderstanding of creative thinking development for children. Many teachers lack a thorough understanding of the nature and characteristics of primary kids’ creative thinking, and thus lack effective methods for teaching creative thinking to pupils.

Author(s) Details:

Nguyen Huu Chau,
Hanoi National University, Vietnam.

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