Assessment of Literacy among the Secondary Schools Students in Malaysia


The purpose of this study is to learn more about Malaysian secondary school students’ literacy rates in Malay, English, and mathematics, as well as the variables that impact them. The study’s conceptual framework is based on the definition of literacy provided by the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS). A total of 5,635 respondents were chosen from Remove Class to Form Five secondary schools across the country. According to the report, the total basic literacy rate was 95.2 percent, while critical literacy was 71.2 percent. At the basic and crucial levels, Malay literacy was higher than English and mathematical literacy. As a result, the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) should prioritise math literacy, particularly among secondary school pupils. One-way ANOVA analysis found substantial variations in the rate of basic literacy and critical levels of pupils based on their level of education and ethnicity. Teachers must be taught about the notion of literacy and how students’ literacy abilities affect their development. All stakeholders must collaborate to guarantee that secondary school pupils achieve a decent literacy rate.

Author(s) Details:

Chew, Fong Peng,
University of Malaya, Malaysia.

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