Assessment and Investigation of Vibration Characteristics for Simply Supported Pipe Conveying Fluid by Mechanical Spring

Finite element analysis was used in this study to analyze dynamically the stability of a pipe which is
stiffened by linear spring and conveying an internal flow of fluid. Several effective parameters play an
important role in stabilizes the system, such as stiffness addition. The effect of stiffness addition
(linear spring) and effect of spring location with different diameter ratio were studied. Also, effect of
the velocity of flowing on the dynamic stability of the system was taken into the consideration. There is a spring constant at which the dynamic behaviour becomes more sensitive and the spring offers best results for frequency of the system. Results show that the best spring’s locations depend on the
spring’s constant and velocity of flowing.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Salah Noori Alnomani
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kerbala, College of Engineering, Kerbala, Iraq

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