Applied Study on Using of GIS Technology for Conservation of the Ottoman Bathroom and Its Urban Surrounding in Qena—Egypt

In Qena Region, the Bathroom area suffers from urban, social and economic issues, adversely affecting one of the most prominent Islamic buildings (the Ottoman Bathroom). In the current research, the technique of Geographic Information Systems ( GIS) was selected to determine the current state of the Ottoman Bathroom and its urban surroundings within Qena Region. The urban, economic , and social status of the urban environment of the bathroom was carried out in three categories of the assessment. The spatial database was designed to track and analyse spatial and descriptive data on the surrounding area of the bathroom; the study findings revealed that the residential buildings were heavily damaged. Samples were obtained from various locations in the bathroom, examined with EDX analytical methods by Scanning Electron Microscopy ( SEM) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). Previous studies have shown that there is crystallised salt in the pores of bricks, micro-cracks, and losses in the internal structure of construction materials. The paper concludes that the GIS technique is an effective method for the rehabilitation of the Ottoman Bathroom and the surrounding area, with the need to reuse the bathroom in the same old function in order to maintain, revitalise and benefit it in Qena City’s tourism growth. In addition to determining the key roads to enter the region, where the GIS technique is used to determine the boundaries of the macro and micro background of the old Qena city, architecture maps of the region In addition to the construction of databases for the modernization of facilities and the conceptualization of utilities areas to be carried out in the vicinity of the toilet, sewerage, drinking water, power delivery, and communication lines networks.

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Dr. Essam H. Mohamed
Archaeological Conservation Department, Faculty of Archaeology, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt.

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