Application of the “Intelligent Guessing” Method to Optimize the Ability to Read English of State Junior High School in Tuban, East Java, Indonesia

The goal of this study is to improve students’ capacity to understand English discourse by allowing them to effectively analyse word meanings without having to constantly open dictionaries. Instead, students will use analysis to read fundamental phrases in English. The comparative approach was employed in this investigation. Questionnaires, observations, interviews, and student progress sheets were used to collect data. According to the findings of this study, the clever guessing strategy can raise the percentage of students who understand English vocabulary by 17%. As a result, this strategy aids pupils in comprehending English discourse.

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Darju Prasetya
English Teacher of Jatirogo Junior High School 1, Jl. Raya Barat no.30, Jatirogo, Tuban Regency, East Java, Indonesia.

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