Application of Multicomponent Reactions for the Synthesis of Diverse Heterocyclic Scaffolds


In a one-pot approach, a combination of chemical reactions can be achieved by cascading two or more chemical transformations. The phrase is frequently applied to complicated goals (often natural products), with commercially available starting components. A sequential Knovenagel condensation/ Micheal addition is a popular, simple, and successful combination of reaction for the synthesis of a useful intermediate in the multistep complete synthesis of natural compounds. The most important is a combination of Diels-Alder cycloaddition and Sharpless Click Reaction, which produces complex polycycles and nitrogen-heterocycles as important scaffolds in the complex structure of natural products in a completely enantio, distereo, regio-specific, and selective manner. We have included a complete summary of several synthetic approaches used by chemists to produce heterocyclic rings utilising multicomponent strategies in the present book. The reader can easily locate the optimum approach for heterocycle synthesis thanks to a thorough text and detailed schematic representation of synthetic processes.

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Anand Mohan Jha
Department of Chemistry, M.L.T. College, Saharsa, B. N. Mandal University Madhepura, Bihar, India.

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