Analysis of the Optimum Productivity and Genetic Diversity of Garlic Selections with White and Colored Skin in Egyptian, Eggaseed-1 and Sids- 40 Varieties| Chapter 5 | Current Topics in Agricultural Sciences Vol. 7


The major purpose of this study is to examine the performance and productivity, as well as the genetic diversity, of 18 garlic genotypes typically available in the Egyptian market (i.e., Eggaseed-1 cv., Sids-40 cv., and Egyptian cv.). Varietys with fewer cloves provided higher yields in both seasons of the research. Eggaseed-1 cv. and Sids-40 cv. yielded 9.7-11.9 tonnes per acre, whereas Egyptian cv. yielded 8.8-9.1 tonnes per acre (fresh yield). Simple sequence repeat markers (SSR) were used with a post-labeling approach to reveal the genetic diversity of garlic types. 18 garlic selections and SSR markers with high polymorphism richness were evaluated for genetic characterisation. A total of 61 DNA fragments were amplified by ten markers, with each marker amplifying an average of 6.1 pieces. The garlic choices were used to determine genetic distances using SSR data, and the relationships between selections were clearly displayed using a dendrogram cluster analysis. The genetic similarity scores for the garlic types ranged from 65.77 to 91.54 percent. The highest genetic closeness (91.54 percent) was found between Eggaseed-1 and Sids-40 choices, whereas the most genetic dissimilarity was found between Egyptian and Eggaseed-1 selections. These findings allow for the identification of two garlic-colored garlic varieties in Eggaseed-1 cv. and Sids-40 cv., as well as their differentiation from Egyptian cv. choices, which are classed as white garlic varieties. Because garlic reproduces asexually, finding the proper genotype(s) is critical for achieving good quality; in the interim, the results can assist in breeding and commercial production selection.

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Haitham E. M. Zaki,
Horticulture Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Minia University, El-Minia 61517, Egypt and Applied Biotechnology Department, University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Sur, 411, Sur, Sultanate of Oman.

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