Anaesthetic Considerations for Bilateral Congenital Anophthalmia

Ocular surgeries are planned for a variety of congenital defects, ranging from rare to unusual to common. Many of these uncommon ophthalmopathies are linked to clinical disorders and have significant anaesthetic consequences. From the cerebrovascular, cardiovascular, endocrine, metabolic, neuromuscular, and genitourinary systems to the airway, it’s critical to recognise the syndrome we’re dealing with, as well as the systems that are engaged, the level of participation, and probable anaesthetic consequences. In uncommon clinical settings, understanding these features becomes even more crucial because it aids in case planning, anticipating, and treating difficulties. We present management of a unique case of bilateral congenital anophthalmia scheduled for excision of right ocular edoema with the goal of describing the anaesthetic challenges met during the intraoperative and postoperative periods. A thorough preoperative examination of the patient aids in anticipating, understanding, and managing intraoperative issues that may emerge during surgery.

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Lalit Gupta

Department of Anesthesia, Maulana Azad Medical College & Associated Hospital, New Delhi, India.

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