An Overview of Corona Virus Disease

Corona virus disease (CVD), is fatal illness in humans ranging from common cold to severe acute
respiratory syndrome. Corona Virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets or mucosa fluids of a
person who contracted or died from CVD, contaminated environment and infected wild animals. CVD
has an incubation period of 2 to 21 days and the infection has an acute onset without any symptoms.
Currently, there is no standard treatment for CVD, so it is important to avoid infection or further
spreading of the virus. Although historically the mortality of this infection is less than 10%, CVD
outbreaks are characterized by negative impact on health, the economy, and even national and
international security. Its treatment involves early, supportive care to alleviate symptoms. Vital organ
function need to be supported in severe cases. Clinicians should consider the possibility of CVD in
persons with travel or exposure history with the incubation period presenting constitutional symptoms
in order to promptly identify diseased patients, and prevent further spreading of the disease.

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Dr. Sima Rugarabamu
Department of Veterinary Microbiology, Parasitology and Biotechnology, Sokoine University of Agriculture, P.O.Box 3019, Morogoro, Tanzania.

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