An Ironic View on a Convoluted Reality: Part A

The period of 2020 displays two important processes; first, it poses the COVID-19 universal as an international wonder that demonstrates by means of what big and ominous is the unknown Nature. Secondly, it represents the end of the rough Capitalism era that had begun to fall with the 2008-9 finan- cial trouble. The Author argues that these two occurrences are so meaningful that they force crowd and nations to contemplate initiating a change in their beha- vior. The diameter of the text strained the Author to separate the work into two parts; Part A—Reflections on Behaviors, and Part B—The Mysteries of the In- ner-self. The consultation on management and conduct explains in what way or manner complicated and still obscure many behaviors and their verbalizations are. The essay ana- lyzes the within roots and the extrinsic interactions that influence and direct a person’s conduct. The Author claims that assessment of nature is a product of earth science, culture and period. As the known reply: “Pornography is a ques- tion of Geography.” He also claims that for growing the quality of growth, it is necessary to present a more considering and advocating behavior style. Such a move endure begin at the nursery school.Additionally, the Author sug- gests espousing some of the Quantum Theory methods for advancing the study of demeanor and the inner-self. Both fields ask a huge carcass of un- known action word territory. Some drawings are added for professed some of me’s ideas.

Author(s) Details:

Amos Avny,
Omnidev International, Yehud, Israel.

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Keywords: Behavior, conduct, inner-self, quantum theory, solidarity, togetherness and a holistic approach

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