An Innovative Fuzzy Rule Based Control Analysis of Advanced Unified Power Flow Controller

The rapid development of high power semiconductor devices with fast control features has enabled more efficient and effective power flow control. This category’s Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) introduces several novel operating control devices. The Advanced Unified Power Flow Controller (AUPFC), also known as multi-converter UPFC or Generalized-UPFC, is a recent device that can control the bus voltage and power flows, both real and reactive, of multiple lines or even a sub-network. This chapter describes a novel real-time approach for analyzing the Advanced Unified Power Flow Controller. Based on the analysis, a new fuzzy logic rules-based controller that improves system performance has been proposed. The controller rules are built around the relationship between the series inserted voltages in multi-line and the desired changes in real/reactive power flows in the power system. The effects of various controllers, as well as the parameters of series transformers and transmission lines, were investigated using SIMULINK control block models. A case study demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.

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Prof. S. K. Srivastava
Department of Electrical Engineering, MMM University of Technology College, Gorakhpur, India.

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