An Examination of the Stress Experiences International Students Face in American Universities


The pressure sources and levels of global understudies learning at American colleges were explored corresponding to their group standing, orientation, and English language familiarity. The exploration results demonstrated that the main stressor for female understudies was “Worries about the future (graduation, business, marriage, etc.)”. Though, the main stressor for guys was connected with “Scholarly weights (grades, troublesome classes, exorbitant schoolwork, etc.).” A massive distinction among guys and females was seen concerning an “Lacking direction program for rookies at the college”. It was likewise found that male understudies had a higher normal than female understudies. With respect to “Insufficient direction program for rookies at the college,” a reasonable distinction was seen among first year recruits and seniors. This finding showed that first year recruits had a far more noteworthy requirement for direction than seniors. It was found that the connection between feelings of anxiety and English language capability was at medium level, unfavorable and critical. It was found that the feeling of anxiety didn’t fundamentally change concerning orientation. The feeling of anxiety of rookies was viewed as higher than senior and graduate understudies at a critical level. The outcomes were deciphered as far as predominant writing and Singles Counseling Theory. A few ideas were proposed to guiding focuses, worldwide workplaces, English preliminary projects and teachers of colleges.

Author(s) Details:

Kamile Bahar Aydin,
Department of Psychology, Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey and Georgia State University, GA, USA.

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Keywords: International, college students, stress, language proficiency, singles counselling theory, United States

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