An Evaluation of Elderly Health Problems with the Goal of Developing an Interventional Module for Elderly Care

Aging is a natural occurrence that affects everyone. It can’t be reversed or stopped, but it can be slowed down. Aging is defined as the gradual deterioration of structure and functions over time, which leads to disease or damage and increases the risk of death. The definition of old age is difficult to establish precisely because it has different meanings in different communities. The study’s purpose was to look into the health problems of the elderly and see how selected socio-demographic variables affected them in order to develop an interventional programme for their care. Methodology: A survey was employed as part of a non-experimental research approach. The study enlisted the participation of 157 old persons from the Hegganahalli urban community. In this study, the non-probability convenient sampling approach was used. A structured interview schedule and descriptive design were used to collect data and detect health concerns among the elderly. The data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics methods. To examine the effects of various demographic variables, the Chi square test was performed. Based on the issues identified, an interventional module for senior care was created.

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Gajanand R. Wale
K T Patil College of BSc Nursing, Osmanabad (M.S), India.

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