An Essay on Romantism, Amazement, Imagination— A trias religiosa

To wonder is a gift of the romanticist in particular. Wonder seeks explanation. If reason doesn’t
provide that, imagination provides a way out. The God-idea implies wonder, wonder that live exists,
that things exist at all. Wonder promotes religiosity—i.c., the need to provide life with a vertical
dimension—and religiosity facilitates, in its turn, wonder. Thus the circle is closed: romanticism,
wonder, imagination, religiosity, wonder. A circle providing life with an important bonus, i.e., sense,
meaning with a supernatural signature. This augments the chance that hope will be preserved, even
as dark clouds begin to hover above one’s life.

Author(s) Details

Prof. Dr. Herman M. van Praag
Maastricht University, Minderbroedersberg 4-6, 6211 LK Maastricht, The Netherlands and University of Utrecht, Domplein 29, 3512 JE Utrecht, The Netherlands annd University of Groningen, 9712 CP Groningen, The Netherlands and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Ave, Bronx, NY 10461, USA.

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