An Efficient Electrochemical Approach for the Characterization of Interfacial Strength of Nano Titania-silica Composite Coating on Titanium Implants

The thermal breakdown methodology used in this study is a promising method for forming a nano (TiO2-SiO2) composite coating on a Titanium substrate. The electrochemical tests demonstrated that the produced coatings exhibited excellent degradation resistance and biomimetic growth features. Even when the coating was subjected to varying degrees of electrochemical polarisation and anodic current impression, there was no deterioration. These coatings were put through biomimetic growth tests. The findings of elemental analysis of the SBF solution, electrochemical characterization, and surface topography investigation, which included SEM and AFM at various phases, demonstrated that apatite formation was efficient.

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Dr. Suja Mathai
Department of Chemistry, Mar Ivanios College (Autonomous), Nalanchira, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala-695 015, India.

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