An Approach to Improve Yield Parameters of Pleurotus florida Strain P1

Aim: The efficient development of mushrooms requires several variables that are of primary importance to spawn development, culture methods and selection of substrates. Therefore, the analysis was carried out in order to standardise these aspects for the development of Pleurotus florida StrainP1 in current communication. Materials and methods: In order to increase the yield and biological efficiency of mushrooms, various cereals (maize, oat, barley) and millets (Italian millets, Little millet, Pearl millet) were evaluated for wheat grain spawning. The most acceptable wheat straw portion was also evaluated for the above manifestations among fine leaves and leaf sheath pieces (0.2 cm), coarse leaves and leaf sheath pieces (0.4 cm), tiny (1.0 cm) and broad stem pieces (1.7 cm). Different methods of culture, such as bag, column, wall and tray culture, and few mixtures of substrates (corncob + wheat straw, mango sawdust + wheat straw and rice husk + wheat straw) were also taken to increase mushroom yield efficiency. Results : The results showed that good quality spawn was provided by barley and oat grains in terms of fast mycelial running on the surface of the grain (14 days each). Compared to other forms of spawn, these spawns created accelerated spawn running and increased yield. When the yield output of mushrooms was evaluated for different components of wheat straw, the course pieces of the stem (1.0 cm) proved the most suitable component with the highest yield (819 gm) and biological efficiency (163.8 percent) in relation to very low / zero contamination. In comparison, the best substrate combination with the highest yield (707 gm) and biological efficiency (141.4%) of mushrooms was recognised as wheat straw and corn cob. From the packaging point of view, only the column method gave significant yield (930 gm) and biological efficiency (186 percent) with acceptable mushroom sizes among the various culture techniques used. Conclusion: The results obtained during the study showed that growers increase mushroom production in several ways by following the composite method. By adopting the column process, the mushroom is cultivated. The wheat straw devoid of leaf & leaf sheath fragments should be used as a mixed corncob substrate. To achieve greater yield, it should be inoculated with oat / barley spawn.

Author (s) Details

C. S. Singh
Department of Botany, K.S.S. P.G. College, Ayodhya, Faizabad, India.

Dr. Siddhant
Department of Botany, Durgesh Nandini Degree College, Ayodhya (U.P.) India.

Dr. Ruchira Singh
Independent Researcher, Ayodhya, India.

Dr. R. S. Kanaujia
Department of Botany, K.S.S. P.G. College, Ayodhya, Faizabad, India.

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