An Approach to Bioindicators: Metal Accumulation Profile in Roadside Soils, Grass and Caesalpinia Plant Leaves

Following global industrialization, environmental pollution has risen enormously, having detrimental effects on human health and ecosystem services. Heavy metals are essential environmental contaminants, and much more attention has been paid to their toxicity to humans , plants and animals. A research was conducted in Bagalkot City (India) to investigate the heavy metal contamination of roadside soil, grass and Caesalpinia plants. The highest metal concentration levels of Pb, Cu, Cd, Mn , Zn, Cr and Ni were found in very congested samples. The soil samples were taken from different sampling sites at a depth (0-20 cm) of grass leaves and Caesalpinia leaves; S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5 were determined by the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer on the state highway with high traffic routes passing through Bagalkot (India). The findings showed that elevated amounts of metal were present in soil and both grass and Caesalpinia. The primary source of pollution was found to be primarily vehicular exhaust. Increased circulation of toxic metals in soils, grass and Caesalpinia may lead to the eventual accumulation in the food chain of such xenobiotics. The difference in the concentration of heavy metals is attributable to changes in the intensity of traffic and anthropogenic activities. In the study region around Bagalkot, the heavy metal concentration was maximal, suggesting the need for pollution control in the urban climate. At Bagalkot (Navanagar), Caesalpinia is widely spread as a roadside ornamental plant and the grass is the best food for grazing animals. Grass and Caesalpinia exhibit all characteristics in accordance with the data provided here and are chosen as bio indicators.

Author (s) Details

Dr. N. M. Rolli
BLDEA Degree College, Jamkhandi, Karnataka, India.

B. I. Karalatti
BLDEA Degree College, Jamkhandi, Karnataka, India.

S. B. Gadi
JSS College, Dharwad, Karnataka, India.

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