An Approach: Saying Goodbye to the Silence

The case study presented is about a boy with auditory issues who grew up in a family with a father with hearing impairment and a mother who is deaf-mute. The boy has completely improved his way of communicating with the aid of a psychotherapist, as well as a specialist in hearing and speech disorders. In favour of verbal expression, the system of signs and images was left. The case illustrates the causal association between the option of purchasing a hearing aid and the process of learning to speak and communicate without fear with others. It also shows that, due to psychological and social effects, this passage is not painless. The considerations discussed in this paper start with the great importance of communication, passing through the themes of language and pictures, the use of devices for the deaf, through Robert ‘s case to get to their use in clinical practise. It gradually illuminates the subtle and nuanced exchange and relationship between the language of silence and that of sounds. Although the current research is not carried out using a statistical technique, the research on the socio-psychological and emotional issues involved in people with hearing disabilities who have to experience such a great change may be potential progress on a wide scale.

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Dr. Maria Grazia Spurio
Research Centre and Psychological Studies “Genius Academy”, Via C.A. Jemolo 83, 00156 Rome, Italy.

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