An Advanced Approuch: One Holistic Vision of the Future Energy Systems

The power industry has been forced to examine the status and health of its electrical systems due to ageing energy infrastructure, politically controlled fossil resources, the rise of renewable technologies, the geographical distribution feature of renewable energy, climate change imperatives, and an increase in domestic electricity consumption. The breakthroughs in real-time processing and computing power have made it possible to look for innovative approaches to energy systems. Smart grid, enernet, and microgrid are examples of previous solutions that are incomplete, overused, or ambiguous. In turn, we presented a different perspective on energy systems, as well as a holistic picture and a comparison to the independent functioning of biological cells. To achieve safety and efficiency, energy systems, in our opinion, must first be thought of as a part of nature; second, the system must be conceived as a whole, which includes consumers, generators, storage facilities, metering infrastructures, grids, and rules; and third, it must be modular/cellular and capable of performing well both as part of an ensemble and as a stand-alone system. To meet this requirement, we used the DNA of a real cell as a model, and the outcome is what are known as Intelligent Energy Cells/Systems. Because the enormous use of solar energy will be required to achieve carbon-free energy in the future, the advantages of this intermittent and fluctuating energy are also discussed.

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Capatina Octavian
Renewable Energy Department, NEGOIU, Romania.

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