Akabane Test, Theory and Practice of Thermopuncture Diagnostics and Correction

The book is based on findings from analysing thousands of patients using the Akabane test over the course of 30 years of using these tools. These information is easily processed mathematically and is supported by evidence from evidence-based medicine research. Recently, there has been a global rise in interest in what are referred to as “unconventional methods of diagnosis and therapy.” The information will enable us to reevaluate this prevalent illness and identify fresh new approaches for its early detection, monitoring, and treatment.


Author (s) Details

Muzhikov Valery Gennadievich

CEO ‘Med Byte LLC’, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Please see the link here:-  https://stm.bookpi.org/ATTPTDC/issue/view/750


Keywords – Akabane test, diagnosis, disease, traditional chinese medicine, biologically active points

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