Aerobic Brickbat Grit Sand (ABGS) Purifier: The New Technology for Treatment of Wastewater in Rural India

In emerging and underdeveloped countries, rural wastewater treatment is largely disregarded. The most significant impediment to resolving this issue is the high expense of treatment and the lack of readily available technologies. There are four phases to the Aerobic Brickbat Grit Sand (ABGS) purifier. Wastewater travels in a zigzag pattern via partition walls with brick bats filters, pebble sand filters, and charcoal and grit filters to help remove impurities from domestic wastewater. An experimental model for home wastewater treatment was put up in the Environmental Engineering lab at Government College of Engineering Aurangabad, Maharashtra, for the current study. Analytical physiochemistry The percentage removal of pollutants data include Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) 92-87 percent, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) 93-89 percent, Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 80-78 percent, and Turbidity 95-85 percent in August and September of 2016. Following the successful testing of the experiment model, a pilot model for the treatment of boys hostel grey water was established on the same site. The ABGS purifier pilot plant model for grey water treatment has a high efficiency in removing BOD (89%), COD (90%), TSS (86%), Total Phosphorus (77%), Nitrate (93%), and Ammonia (93%). (90 percent ), 67 percent sulphate, oil and grease (82 percent ). The ABGS purifer is an eco-friendly and simple-to-install household wastewater treatment system that uses locally accessible materials. The ABGS purifier is a decentralised technique of treating domestic wastewater. As a result, ABGS has emerged as an alternative solution to the problem of rural wastewater treatment.

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Dr. Priyanand Agale

Civil Engineering Department, Government Polytechnic, Aurangabad, M. S., India.

Dr. Parag Sadgir
Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Pune, M. S., India.

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