Advancement on the Mechanics of Conceptual Thinking

The knowledge accrued about the implication of the limbic system’s internal mechanisms in the production of articulate expression, from which conceptual thought arises, is now advanced to the extent where it is now possible to formulate a simple mechanic of conceptual thinking. Definition of conceptual thought mechanics resulting from sequences of contact between the limbic system and the neocortex verbal regions. Definition of the increase in the level of attention to complete active awareness when the amygdala is activated by a feeling of uneasiness due to a verbal stimulus, accompanied by an active cogitation phase involving the verbal areas of the neocortex, resulting in the strengthening of a synaptic arborescence corresponding to a changed verbal sequence in the neocortex by the hippocampus that eliminates or decreases. Description of the capacity to generalise resulting from the use of articulate languages, gained through education, from which logical thought emerges and the collectively intelligible mathematical language that also evolves through education in certain individuals to varying degrees. Definition of the mode of mathematical thought whose engrams are found in areas not overlapping verbal areas of the neocortex.

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André Michaud
Service de Recherche Pédagogique, Québec, Canada.

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